If you are looking to choose the right eCommerce platform, it’s essential to look at the best choices in the market.

Conducting a good market survey would always help you get closer to the right choice. A study on Magento vs. PrestaShop will help you make a wise decision. After comparing the two, you will have a better understanding of which one meets your needs the best.

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A Quick Research on Magento and PrestaShop

Both are open-source programs, and can be customized in many different ways. While PrestaShop makes site management easy, gives you tons of features, provides SEO benefits, gives users analytics and reporting and so much more, Magento is known as the leader in eCommerce shopping cart solutions and provides a huge variety of features, tools and customization.


What is PrestaShop?

A secure open source eCommerce solution for Web 2.0.that uses the smarty template engine for PHP. It can be downloaded for free, however, additional elements like: templates, modules, and themes are to be purchased from the PrestaShop store. The features include reliable web hosting services, support in 38 languages, free shared SSL, free domain name, special deals and promotions, cross-selling, and affiliate programs.

What is Magento?

Launched in March 2008, this feature-rich Open Source eCommerce software solution offers merchants the flexibility of having complete control over content planning of their online store. It offers responsive shopping cart.
Making the decision between PrestaShop vs Magento


Deciding between the two great eCommerce solutions is not a simple task. While PrestaShop targets the small to medium sized business, Magento serves the medium to large businesses. No matter whether you’re taking your business online for the first time or simply migrating from another eCommerce solution; in both the cases these programs provide admirable solutions. If you’re technologically challenged and want to do the work yourself, PrestaShop is definitely a better choice. Conversely, if you’re well-informed of technology and web design, you will find Magento a better option.

Furthermore, there are a number of Magento development service providers to create an online store for you, But the same cannot be said for PrestaShop

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Comparing Magento vs. PrestaShop

1. PrestaShop is easy to install and has a wide range of attractive features and a very user-friendly interface. Its search and advanced search modules are outstanding, and relatively faster than Magento’s.
2. PrestaShop can be downloaded easily for free from the internet while Magento that comes in two versions, a free Open Source, and an Enterprise version.
3. As far as design integration is concerned, Magento can be somewhat complicated as compared to PrestaShop and at times may necessitate expert assistance to handle UI issues.
4. For SEO compatibility; Magento has better support for SEO compared to PrestaShop.
5. Magento has an outsized community and better support than PrestaShop.

When selecting the right CMS platform for an ecommerce store, there is an array of options available. The two most popular are Magento and PrestaShop. Have a clear understanding of how to choose between Magento and PrestaShop platforms; read, know, and pick the best option.

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