Things being what they are, you need to create a website huh? Incredible thought! But how do you really get started? There’s such a great amount of data out there on the web, and everybody’s instructing you to do distinctive things. Who do you tune in to? Where’s the beginning stage?

Hell, possibly you should simply overlook it – it’s excessively confusing! All things considered, hold up. We know a ton about it, and this blog’s will take you on a journey for getting started with your website. We guarantee it’ll be basic, moderately simple, and unquestionably straightforward (no dumb language). Sounds great?

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Marvelous, how about we proceed onward.

Why you should create a website?

So below, we’re going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal website. Before we dive in though, we really want to talk about WHY you should build a website.

Website has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news.

There are literally millions of websites online (don’t worry; you can make yours stand out and get noticed!).  It’s an incredible method to communicate and further more a fabulous method to impart data to other people.

You improve as a person and a superior business entrepreneur.

The best reason? You can make money doing it!

We bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded.

One very last thing before we get started:

Making your own site can take a brief period, likely up to 30-60 days. So snatch yourself an espresso or juice (whatever you extravagant) and we should stall out in.

On the off chance that you require any assistance amid the set-up process, connect with us here and we’ll help admirably well and answer any inquiries you may have.

How To Create a Website in 5 Steps:

There’s five primary advances you have to do with the end goal to create a website.

  • Pick an extraordinary website platform
  • Pick a web host for your website
  • Learn how to Set up a website on your own domain
  • Design your new website
  • Understand the useful resources

In this way, we made it. Phew! Preferred late over never! Along these lines, right away, we should hop into stage 1.

Step 1- Pick an extraordinary website platform

Picking where you need to build website is essentially the main thing you need to do. We will take a jump and accept you’ve known about Prestashop, and this is the stage we advocate. It’s gigantic.

It’s by a wide margin one of the greatest website platform, with endless modules and additional items and relatively endless approaches to structure and format your website.

There are in excess of million dynamic clients of Prestashop= a ton, essentially.

There are different options be that as it may, and they are listed underneath:

WordPress– Definitely the following best thing to Prestashop.

Magento –Fascinating, and extremely easy to utilize.

Wix – The Popular cloud based website builder.

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Weebly – For low traffic personal sites

Despite the fact that Prestashop is greater (and most likely better) than those four, here are my reasons why you should in any case run with Prestashop:

Super simple set-up and is allowed to utilize

Huge amounts of free topics and designs (We’re totally serious, there’s gazillions). There’s a monstrous help gathering on the off chance that you stall out (you won’t, yet it’s pleasant to have it there in the event that you require it).

Your website will be madly quick and it’ll likewise look Functionality and frame – immaculate!

Individuals can communicate with you effectively. Your substance can be shared, remarked on, etc.

Step 2 -Pick a web host for your website

Whoa, back off there! This is the greatest choice you’ll need to make before we go any further. You have to choose whether to pay for your website or snatch a free one.

WordPress, Weebly and Wix all offer free web hosting for anybody. Amazing, isn’t that so? It’s ideal for those who aren’t super genuine about creating the website. However, it has drawbacks:

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You won’t have the capacity to get your OWN area name

On a free hosting, your website’s web address (your URL) will be butt-terrible. Like, extremely revolting. To put it plainly, make a free website and it’ll resemble this:

We know, revolting right?

You DON’T OWN your website

It might sound silly at first, but you don’t actually own your website. It’s hosted on someone else’s web property and they can delete it if they want so.

They have done so in the past, and keep doing it in the future. Which means all your hard work on your website, all those countless hours of work might be vanished within seconds. Sad…

On the other hand, with a self-hosted website on your own domain name – you are the REAL owner of your website. You’ll be able to name your website whatever you want, for example “” or “

You can end it with .com,, .net, .org, or virtually any other web suffix. Add to that unlimited bandwidth for videos, images and content plus the free themes and you have a winning combo.

So how much is hosting and a domain name? Not as much as you’re thinking, fortunately. It usually works out to about $5 to $10 per month, depending on your hosting provider which is less than a couple of coffees.

Step 3- Set up a website on your own domain

We will push ahead assuming the platform you’ve picked as Prestashop, and on the off chance that you haven’t, you should. Truly, it’s the best.

In case you’re still somewhat befuddled by what a self-facilitated website is, enable us to clarify and how you can approach setting one up for yourself.

You’ll have to concoct an area name you like and furthermore pick a facilitating organization that can have your website.

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Space: The area is fundamentally the URL of your site. Models: ( is the area), ( is the space). Isn’t it obvious? Basic!

Facilitating: Hosting is essentially the organization that puts your site up on the web so every other person can see it. Everything will be saved money on there. Consider it a PC hard-drive on the web where your website will be spared.

Step 4- Design your new website

Presently, the fun piece.

We should make your blog look precisely how you need it to. To pick another subject, you can either go to Appearance > Themes and introduce a Prestashop theme or you can go to a top notch topic site like and purchase a theme for around $40.

We more often than not pick something that looks proficient and quite simple to redo. Prestashop, additionally, has this great component that enables you to change themes with only a couple of snaps.

So on the off chance that you begin becoming weary of your current website layout, you can simply change to another without losing any valuable substance or pictures.

Keep in mind, your websites plan ought to reflect both you and your identity, yet in addition what the website is about. There’s no point having a tennis-orientated theme if your website is about football, get it?

Step 5- Understand the useful resources.

Designers and programmers come to UI/UX field with shifting degrees on the web and web based life encounter, yet we’ve all committed in excess of a couple of amateur errors – there’s dependably space for all the more learning and enhancement, regardless of whether you’re a learner or you’ve been designing websites for a considerable length of time.

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This blog may enable you to maintain a strategic distance from a portion of the developing agonies with regards to your first website – appreciate!

Why Outsourcing Your Web Design is Your Best Option

Are you thinking to design your website yourself? Wait!!

In this time of regularly developing innovation, having a serviceable site is a need for any business to prosper. In the event that you’ve attempted your hand at planning your own site before, you realize how tedious the procedure is.

Planning a site that runs quick and smooth with few or no slags can take up pretty much the entirety of your vitality and core interest. Indeed, even such a typical errand as planning a logo can end up being tedious.

Thinking about those realities, an ever increasing number of organizations?Think, that it’s more advantageous and useful to employ a remote group of website architecture and improvement specialists to carry out the activity for you.

This is the way to progress for some organizations and particularly for small scale organizations. You should be extremely cautious while choosing an organization. Take a glance at their certifications and fulfillment dimension of past customers and prepare for an engaging site.

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On the off chance that by some tragic situation you stall out or have any inquiries for us about how to create a website, simply connect with us or leave a remark.

Make the most of your new website!

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