How to Create a Website like Dream11? Is this question baffling you? You have reached the right place for the answer. Before we jump into it, let’s have a sneak peek at Dream 11 and it features.

Dream 11 is a fantasy sports website for Indian sports lovers who would like to use their sports skills and instinct in playing the game.

This game allows them to create their team by choosing the real-time players from upcoming matches, predict their performance, earn points based on their on-field performance, and win exciting cash prizes and rewards.

Developing A Fantasy Sports Website 

Creating a fantasy sport of your own is not a tough task anymore. All you need is to have the right set of skills, knowledge, and zeal to attain your goal. Along with these, there are several other things to consider. Read on to know and understand each step carefully.

Preparing A Checklist

Before you initiate the process, it is essential to prepare a complete checklist for the product. This would include the following items that would be verified:

  • Functionalities included
  • Fully responsive
  • Number of days required to complete the development
  • Integration with live score API
  • Total cost involved

Setting Up A Business Model

Developing a fantasy game website requires a team of professionals that has an in-depth understanding of the back-end & front-end technology involved.

It also requires some third party API’s and a robust algorithm engine to ensure the development of a proficient website.

Before you implement any of these, you would need to set up a business model to ensure smooth execution of the entire business process.

There would be different features and functionalities that suit the needs of the website’s user and the admin. These are as mentioned below:


1. User Log-in/Registration: Each user would be required to register using the username, email id, and contact number. He/she can then use these details to log in to the website in the future.

2. Home Screen: There should be clarity about the default screen design on which the user lands on after logging in to the website. All the match-related details such can be found by search

3. Contests: Having this feature allows the user to see the list of contents for each match with details. They can filter these contests by winning range, contest size, entry fee range, and contest type, to name a few. Each contest listing can include details such as contest type, contest name, winner count, winning amount, and entry fee.

4. Join The Contest: The participants are free to choose the contest they like and join by paying the required entry fees.

5. Create Your Contest: The users can get a chance to create their contest. All they should be required to do is submit their contest-related details like contest name, total winning amount, size of contest, entry fees, and others. Providing an invite button can be a great help for the game’s success.

6. My Contest: This feature would allow the user to view their list of contestants of their game. He/she would also be able to view/edit their chosen team players only till the time the match has not begun.

7. Profile Settings: This feature would allow the user to view and edit his/her profile settings. They would also be able to view details related to their transaction history, add cash, account balance, reward points manage payments to name a few.

Admin Panel

  1. Admin log-in: Using a unique username and password, the admin would be able to log-in to the website.
  2. Dashboard: The admin would have easy access to details such as total matches played, total contestant, and earnings.
  3. User manager: This feature would allow the admin panel to have access to the user account and manage it at their end. Few of the basic features offered in this include adding, deleting, editing, activating, and deactivating accounts.
  4. Manage matches: Admin would have the right to add, delete, edit, activate, and deactivate matches from the website’s backend.
  5. Manage games category: The games categories would be manageable by the admin only.
  6. Contest manager: The admin can also manage the match contests on the website. He/she would have the right to add/delete/edit/active/deactivate any match contest.
  7. Earnings: The admin would also be able to view the total earnings made by any user using the website. These can also be viewed in a customized format by applying various filters.
  8. Manage payment: Managing various modes of payment available on the website is authorized to admin.
  9. Manage reward points: Admin is also empowered to view and manage the reward points offered to the users.
  10. Manage Cash bonus: The admin panel can be used to manage the cash bonus and cash prizes offered to the participants.
  11. Manage Reports: The admin panel also manages to earn reports, contestant reports, match report, contest reports, and others.
  12. Manage bank withdraw request: Only admin can see any bank withdrawal requests raised by the participants. He/she is the one who holds the sole power to accept/reject such requests and make payment to the winning contestant.

Additional Features

Apart from these, several additional features can ensure the complete success of such games website. Some of these include:

  • Live Match Score: A game highlight along with the live scores of a variety of matches can be enabled.
  • API Integration: This can make ready-to-use data available for the developers.
  • CRM Integration: Integrating it with a back-end service provider can enable easy ticket management along with multiple other benefits.
  • Push Notification: User can be sent alerts regarding team creation, match timings, etc.

Programming Languages Used To Develop A Website

Games like Dream 11 are not too hard to develop. All you need is a detailed understanding of the entire framework, structure, and flow of the website. Among the numerous programming languages available, there are five languages that best suit the development needs of such websites. These include:

1. Python

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

A dynamic, all-purpose language, Python is one such programming language that can write and run the code without any compiler. The language supports code readability, implying that it only requires a few lines of code to express a concept.

Some of the renowned web platforms that are developed using this language are Google, NASA, Yahoo, to name a few. The language can also be easily embedded in the existing applications and has been developed in such a way that it’s easy to comprehend, simple to understand, and explicit.

2. PHP

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

A free server-side scripting language, the PHP Hypertext Processor language is an interpreted script language that is usually processed by an interpreter. It is an open-source language that is considered to be most suitable for server-side programming and can be easily embedded in the HTML directly. Easily compatible with UNIX based OS and Windows OS, this programming language powers platforms like Facebook, WordPress, and

3. C++

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

It is a general-purpose, case sensitive web programming language that works on the four principles of object-oriented languages i.e., polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and data hiding. A superset of C, the library of C++ offers its users a rich gamut of features such as strings and manipulation sets. Its standard template library has a rich set of methods to manipulate data structure and other elements. The core language is also capable of offering building elements such as literals and data types.

4. Java

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

An object-oriented and class-based language, Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages by games and mobile developers. The language is a secure and robust programming language that is easy to understand and comprehend by the developers.

It ensures high performance of the applications being developed using this language. Moreover, it is also portable and architecture-neutral.

5. CSS

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a markup language that allows a developer to decide the overall appearance of the web page when paired with HTML. The elements that are most impacted by CSS are font size, style, overall layout, colors, and other design elements.

Suitable to be used on various types of documents like Plain XML documents, SVG documents, and XUL documents, this language is highly preferred to create visually appealing and attractive web pages and applications.

Frameworks Used

With a large number of frameworks available in the market, it is essential to be aware of their features and make an informed choice.

Knowing whether it supports rapid application development, architecture serves the purpose, and other fundamental aspects can serve as a great help to make the right choice. Some of the prominent frameworks available in the market are:

1. Django

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

Written in Python, Django has a Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture that is suitable to build complex and data-driven websites. Popular sites such as Instagram, Disqus, and NASA, have been built using this framework.

The framework is highly secure as it can manage the details of passwords and user accounts properly. So, opt for this framework if you want to develop a web application secure from risks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and clickjacking.

2. Angular

An open-source JavaScript framework, Angular is used for front-end development of the most dynamic web applications. It is based on Model-View-Controller architecture, has a fixed structure, and is most suitable for single page applications.

The framework is available with numerous directives, controllers, and other components, hence, offering a steep learning curve. So, if you wish to develop a real-time application, Angular is the most suitable framework.

3. Laravel

An open-source PHP framework, Laravel framework follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that makes it suitable for building several social networking, news sites, and content management systems.

This framework uses templating, ORM composers, database migrations, and similar other features to improve the development of PHP application. The framework keeps the user data such as passwords secure by using hashtags instead of text.

It also protects the users from other vulnerabilities such as SQL injection,  cross-site scripting suspicious cookies, to name a few.

4. Yii

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

Built with the Model-View-Controller architecture, Yii framework uses pre-defined code templates that make it most suitable for Rapid Application Development (RAD). Using this framework allows the developers to take those architectural decisions and be as creative as they want.

This framework can handle 410 requests/second as compared to another similar framework Symfony that can handle 131 requests/second. The framework is most suitable to develop social networking sites as a large number of visitors visit these at the same time.

5. MeteorJS

How To Create A Website Like Dream11

It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that is most commonly used to build single-page applications. An open-source framework is isomorphic, which implies that JavaScript can run both on the server-side as well as the client-side.

Using this framework is highly beneficial for the developers as they can manage front-end, the backend, and the database by only using JavaScript.

It simplifies the process for developers, as they can manage the front-end, the backend, and the database using only JavaScript. This quickens the website development process.

Final Verdict

Developing fantasy sports is not easy, but it’s not impossible. However, it is vital to be clear about what needs to be developed, its features, and functionalities.

Technical aspects such as server-side scripting language such as HTML, CSS, JS, and SQL, manual or automated testing to be conducted, the most suitable platform to develop the website such as python, PHP, and others should be very specific. This would enable a streamlined development process of the fantasy sport and enable you to win more customers.

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