Paytm is the most prominent mobile wallet application. It is the biggest online portal that enables you to move money into an interspersed wallet.

You can do the transfer in the wallet utilizing debit card, credit card, or online banking system through any bank.

With the help of Paytm wallet, you can pay for numerous good and services. You needn’t bother about cash. The purpose behind its acclaim is the accessibility of various administrations on a single portal.

It might have transpired to you while using such a platform to have your own site like, that you just begin loving the dream of owning such a site.

So, it is broadly trusted that to build a replica of this platform must bear the possibility to prove itself as the carrier of fortune and fame for you.

Key Features Needed To Build a Platform as Paytm App:

  • Simple alternatives to recharge mobile, Data card and DTH.

  • Booking of flight/train/bus tickets, hotel rooms, movie, and event shows.

  • To pay power bills, gas, landline/broadband, metro, and education bills.

  • Integration of simple payment choices like net banking, debit card, credit card, and Payment Wallet.

  • Easy access to shopping of home appliances, smartphones, garments, stationery items, shoes etc.

  • To makes payment bother free and secure through the wallet.

  • Cashback offer on utilizing the promotion code.

List of Expensive Components Needed For Development:

  • Developing a mobile application.
  • API development that interfaces between your users and service providers.
  • Tie-ups with offers, deals, and discount offering brands.

Building Mobile Payment Portal Like Paytm

The initial step to start your mobile payment company or website is that you require a legal entity.

The vast majority of the Recharge or Wallet platforms like Paytm are enrolled under the Private limited company.

However new businesses have a huge variety of alternatives for the Registration to testing their plans in the payment gateway business.

Also, since such portals act as a service provider for the merchants hence, it imposes service tax from the merchants for rendering these services. So, you need a service tax registration number for charging the service tax.

Book Your Domain and Web Hosting

For developing an online payment website, you need to book a domain name. It is always advisable to book under the highly famous domains like .com, .in, Also, make a petition for the trademark in order to ensure your online portal name.

For the marketing strategies and SEO purposes, try to opt with the .com or .in domain extensions as they are considered to be more effective.

You can book the domain from a site like GoDaddy. Likewise hosting can also be done from GoDaddy. There are plenty of other platforms available too for domain name booking and web hosting purposes.

Get API & Payment Gateway

Did you ever hear about Recharge API system? Or simply the Mobile Recharge API?

If not, then it’s used to develop an online payment or recharge site. So, to build a website like Paytm you have to get Recharge API for your portal.

For creating a mobile recharge or payment site you have to get Mobile Recharge API. It’s not just with the Paytm in fact, all the online payment sites are utilizing some sort of API in their portals.

There are some Recharge API suppliers accessible which offer Recharge API services for mobile, data card, and DTH recharge.

There are a huge number of agencies which give Recharge API and other API services to integrate on your platform.

So, to develop an API, you have to get in touch with particular service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. They will give you payment related API’s for the payment processes on your website.

Find a Reliable Web Developer

You need to anyhow find a right web developer as well, who will be proficient enough to integrate the Recharge Script or API System in your site. You further require to integrate payment portal within your app as well.

Hence, you can either contract a web development organization for the integration of your API on the payment website or look for reliable and skilled freelancers.

Here is a list of a few eminent API service providers which you can use:

  • Jolo API

  • Pay2all

  • Rocket Pocket

Application Design

A convincing design is pivotal for building a payment gateway replica of Paytm application to connect with and hold users.

Appealing and easy to use design plan brings users again to your platform.

Also, designing an intuitive application requires an efficient utilization of cutting-edge tools and technologies, which may raise the expense, yet is commendable.

Application Platform (Android, iOS, or Windows)

Strategies to build a portal like Paytm differs from one platform to another. For instance, an Android application needs more codes to be written than iOS, Android emulators are slower than the iOS platform, and since Android has more variants of devices so testing will take more time. Eventually, developing on Android platform will cost more than iOS platform.

Mobile Wallet

Of course, building an online payment portal is nothing without a wallet means. Mobile wallet application development and its ideal integration take extra time and cost to be finished.

You can save time and huge expense on building a mobile wallet application by having a legitimate plan during the strategy phase.

DSS Compliance

Famous payment gateways such as Paytm have to carry out with the DSS Compliance. So, startups have to outsource their recharge portal.

When you present mobile wallet assistance you can integrate the BillDesk API.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has a nationally affirmed set of policies and systems dedicated to optimizing the protection of the debit card, credit card, and cash card transactions and secure cardholders against misuse of their personal data.

Create Database

You require to have a database that must save the transaction details like transaction id, mobile number, user info, amount of recharge, date and time of recharge, recharge status etc.

User Registration

It is a simple process for the user to register and recharge their devices. In this section, users can view the history of recharges made under their user panel.

Automatic Emails

By implementing this feature, the system will send emails automatically to users on new registration, successful recharge done or failed recharge notification, password reset request, failed transaction money transferred to the wallet for keeping the user updated.

Bonus Points

A site owner can offer free bonus points benefit to the user with every recharge done on the platform as seen on Paytm.

The user can reclaim those points to earn a free recharge.

Support Framework

Users on the website can utilize the support system to forward their feedback or concern to the platform owner.

It will be a ticket-based framework to efficiently handle the requests.

Member List

This feature will help the website owner to view the list of registered members on his/her website and will have the entitlement to deactivate the dubious one.

Do Your Own Branding

And lastly, one of the significant factors – you must personalize your website and control panel as you want.

You must upload your own business logo, content and further do adjustments as per the requirements.

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