Learn How To Create An Awesome FAQ Page For Your Website


July 24, 2018

How To Create FAQ Page

Are you looking for a way to improve your customer relationships? It’s common knowledge that, in today’s world “the customer is the king” in the market, so, we have to do everything from the customer’s perspective.

It becomes more important when you are running an online business or an online store. The main motive of every business is to earn a profit by giving excellent services and experience to their customers.

You must know the needs and wants of your customer, and for that, you need to think with the customer’s point of view.

That is where an FAQ page comes into the picture.

In this article, we will stress on FAQ page and we will discuss

How to create the perfect FAQ page for your online store?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

FAQ is the listed questions and answers that may be asked by your customer. Questions can be related to your product, services, about your company etc. In other words, it is a list of questions and answers that are related to a particular problem, it usually includes the basic information for users of a website.

FAQ is important to guide your customer about your site; it can work as a trust builder and convince the customers to buy more products by giving them further information.

FAQ page

An FAQ page is a space on an online website where the vital information about a business and its product and service is shared to clarify doubts, questions, and uncertainties on the part of customers.

A strong FAQ page helps to retain customers and improve their perception towards an online store by answering their questions. The FAQ page acts as the first point of contact for customers looking for answers before they reach to you directly with their concerns and issues.

An FAQ page is a strong communication tool that will not just help you to up-skill your customers but it will also help to promote sales by increasing your conversion rates.

Tips to Create a Useful FAQ page

  • Using a search option in the FAQ page can be a good idea. If your FAQ page starts exceeding the questions, the customer may face trouble to find their information for the specific problem. Many visitors and customers try to find the search option on the FAQ page to find things quickly.

  • If you want to increase the traffic on your FAQ page, you can try to create a landing page, especially for the important questions. This will help the users to find the other questions relevant to their problems.

  • Always take the customer’s point of view into The page should focus on the customer’s problems and how to solve them.

  • Do not put any unnecessary content. Your readers might get a little disappointed in finding the right information. It will prevent the customers to find the significant information which they are looking for.

  • Using the customer’s language and slang can create an informative FAQ page. The customer needs simple and valuable information, they never seek a high-quality language which forces them to search the meaning of the language and words used.

  • A well-organized FAQ page is more appealing to the customers. Define the type of the questions asked and categorized them. The questions should be very clear and organized for the users so that they don’t have to waste their time in searching.

  • Always try to provide precise and accurate answers to the customers and make sure that they are actually the frequent questions asked by the customers.

  • You can also provide information by using visualization. Using images can help the user to understand the solution more easily.

These samples FAQ will give you a clear idea on how you have to pursue.

Question:  What is the motive behind creating an FAQ page?

Answer: To address the common concerns, queries, doubts, question or objections that customers might have.

Well, this is just a part of it. But, if you want to know how to create a perfect FAQ page for your online store, keep reading to find out.

Well, it is a very crucial task to create a perfect FAQ page. Many online stores don’t think that FAQ is a big deal, they take it for granted.

Well, this is a very critical mistake made by them which leads them to bad results. But, if you don’t want to make that mistake, take the following points into consideration while creating an FAQ page for your online store.

Customer empathy: First of all you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to find out what questions or problems they might experience. Keeping that in mind, try to provide an in-depth and valuable solution to their queries.

Informative answers: You should provide informative answers to the queries of your customers. Your answers should be in the way that provides the whole information regarding your product, service, and business and it should always end with a benefit and value.

For example, you can include the following points in your FAQ page:

  • What does your business do?

  • How does your business work?

  • Pricing related information

  • Shipping related information

  • Refund policies

  • Payment policies

  • Terms and conditions etc.

Concise: It should be concise enough and offer necessary information. Don’t make it too much wordy, as the customer wants a quick solution to their problems.

Universal questions: If you don’t know from where to start, you can put some universal questions regarding your product or service. For example; you can talk about warranty, replacement stock availability etc.

Question: How can I pay for my shopping?

Answer: We accept Visa card, Master cards or COD (Cash on Delivery).

Make your page accessible: Your FAQ page should be accessible and should be visual enough that every customer can reach it without any difficulty. You can place the FAQ on the actual product page just below the product description. You can also place a separate tab for FAQ section with other tabs like the home page, about us, products, service, contact us etc.

Use images in your answers: If you find that your words are not enough to answer the question, you can use related images to explain your answers in a better way.

Frame your answers in a positive way: It is a key point that how you frame your answers. You should always frame the answers in a positive way even if the question is about the potential shortcomings of your product or service.

Write your questions from a customer’s perspective:  You should always draft your questions from a customer’s point of view. For example; you can start your question with “How do I…? How can I…?” and then answer from your business perspective like “you should… or we provide… etc.

Alphabetical ordering: It is a universally acceptable way of organizing or framing the questions. But don’t use alphabetical ordering to frame your question because readers may not know exactly what they want and they may feel lost in alphabetical ordering of question and answers.

Make your FAQ conversational and memorable: When you are framing an FAQ page, imagine as if you are talking with your customer over the phone and then start the structuring of questions and answers. If you do this, you will frame the answers with “we” to represent your company.

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