Magento Customization has solidified its place as the most supported content management system for creating online stores. It is easy to use, versatile and permits stores deal with their operations easily. Magento gets its true force from extensions which permit developers to execute functionalities in an exclusive way. Extensions that support deals are the highest point of the pick for any Magento designer.

Here are some of the extensions that help your deals.

Mobile Shopping Cart

To make sure smooth and secure online transactions, you can make use of the Magento extension Mobile Shopping Cart. All kinds of debit and credit cards are acceptable. This extension helps you to procure the tag of reliability by protecting the personal financial details of customers. These features bring you popularity in the competitive market of web business.

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Reward Point

Reward Point is one of the best extensions for Magento and a reliable system to extend your objective business sector. This income boosting extension for all intents and purposes permits you to modify your online store as indicated by your need.


In the event that you need to add any additional feature, it is possible to install this extension with a basic configuration. Besides, it empowers you to concentrate on the requirement of your clients. The implementation of this extension guarantees you increased profit and wider reach.


In order to increase revenue and improve the sales, SEO is important for your store. It is true that Magento is a built-in SEO platform. But enhancing performance will give you more profit, which can be done with CreareSEO extension.

This extension allows you to customize settings and to enable new tools as well. You can manage issues like unwanted 404 pages, duplicate content, etc. with this feature.

Out of Stock Notification

The entrepreneurs and customers are able to know about the status of their items stock with the help of Out of Stock Notification extension. It will enable the entrepreneurs to arrange their products as needs be, clients can expect the interest of those items. Definitely it helps to develop a pseudo craze among buyers.

Online Auction

You can join the auction and bid for your favorites with the Online Auction extension of Magento. With this revenue driver extension entrepreneurs can ensure the demand for their product in the market

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Product Review

Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance your deal figures, Product Review extension is important to acquire the trust of your clients. As clients regularly check the feedback of individuals who are as of now utilizing the products, this extension will give clarity through survey, and reviews of products.

Daily Deals

The Daily Deals extension helps you to increase your sales dramatically. This extension offers you to imbue the marketing technique “up selling” into your business. Charming the clients through daily deal concept can be a fruitful revenue enhancer.

People always wish to get products at a reduced cost and Daily Deals is successful in bringing products at a discounted price. Moreover, you can list your special products for the day and make it available for 24 hours via this extension. This will definitely give you results.

Magento One page Checkout

One Page Checkout is a much needed Magento extension to boost your business. It is unpleasant for customers to go through 3-4 page checkout process for completing a deal. As the name indicates, this extension gives a pleasant shopping experience to customers who visit your site to buy a product by offering them a single page checkout process.

Cart abandonment is greatly reduced owing to this feature. SagePay payment method is another smart feature of this extension.

Magento Customization is a blessing for your web business. Installing the right Magento extensions will definitely boost your online business. So, if you haven’t installed these extensions, you might be missing some good business deals. What are you waiting for! Start with Magento.

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