Magento is the ecommerce software and platform which is trusted by the world’s leading brands. Developers love it since it’s open source, meaning one can customize the software according to their wish. Big businesses love it as it’s powerful, and they’ve got financial backup required for magento setup.

Usually for magento setup, global brands hire a team of developers to put an ecommerce store that fits their needs. Some of the leading brands include the North Face, Nike, Lindt, Sierra Nevada and Pentel.

Magento is not suitable for micro businesses. When you’re starting with minimum financial resources, one need a low-cost, creative solution, rather than a complex and expensive platform.
Magento Go was made by magento for catering to small business market. Without much expense, the Magento Connect App Store could be accessed using Magento Go.

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But due to its complication compared to other platforms, Magento Go store was deemed to be phased out by the company.


But as a way out for existing users of Magento Go, the company had introduced couple of solutions – Zoey and Blugento (Specifically designed for German merchants.


If you are a small business developer who knows the powerful magento platform, chances are that you want to have your ecommerce sore with the same platform. But magento setup is usually time consuming and complicated. Well, not anymore. Because Zoey is a Magento solution that can be set up within a day, even if you don’t have a developer to depend on.

Other benefits of a Zoey magento setup include:


As your business grows to new heights, it becomes easier to scale your website’s capability as Zoey is a very flexible platform.

Awesome Customer Support

Coming from an already established team, the support for Zoey is simply amazing. None of your doubts will be left unanswered. There are a number of free tutorials and phone/email support.

Superb Product Catalog

You can add as many product attributes as you want, and features such as one-click mass changes make Zoey a delight to use.

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Shopping Cart

There are numerous ways in which you can customize your Magento site’s payment methods when compared to other platforms.

Marketing Friendly

This affordable magento solution makes it further easier for you as a small business owner with its immense marketing support features. It will help you make the best out of SEO, email marketing, product reviews and other marketing techniques.


The Magento Enterprise solution is a very costly affair for small business owners. But Magento’s Zoey setup comes in three simple plans that are very pocket-friendly/

If you want to know how to setup Zoey for your business, You can find all the required information here

Zoey Magento store offers a gamut of attractive features for small businesses. It has superb features for website design, shopping cart, store management, product management, Marketing & SEO, Analytics, Web hosting and more. Apart from these, there are features that makes Zoey Magento setup easy.

Blugento is a magento SAAS exclusively for German merchants. You can know more about it from their website

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