197 Billion App downloads were made in 2017 and it is expected that the downloads will hit 352.9 Billion in the year 2021

What does this mean?

It is high time that your business should make an app to leverage the situation.

Not only this but through a mobile phone, it is possible to increase the revenue of your business with the help of in-app advertisement options.

Hence, for a long-run, a mobile application can be extremely helpful for business growth and extract extra benefit through it.

Here are the tips and tricks that can help you out to build a user-friendly application to promote your business.

Outsourcing or In-House Development

There are many companies that ask their in-house development team to come up with ideas that can help them to build a perfect application for the audience.

However, it is possible that your in-house development is not that much experience to face issues that can put a full stop to your application development process even before it gets started.

This is the reason that makes companies shift to outsourcing options. An expert that have years of experience in mobile application will understand the hook and corner of an application.

They will know the requirement and demands of the audience due to their expertise. Also, you don’t have to elaborate much on them except your expectations and they will know what to do.

There are other options as well such as – freelancing. You can hire a freelancer to do the deed for you. It will be affordable and provide relevant results in the limited time span. Also, it is better to watch out for a local developer with you can get in touch with easily or that are accessible.

Know Your Audience

Mobile applications are the easiest source of promoting work. But there is no doubt that it is also a platform through which you get a chance to get in touch with your audience.

It allows a user to interact with your brand, tell their complaints or even buy your product. But before that, you need to understand the demand and requirement of your audience.

What will make them go for your application in the first place? For instance, people go for Amazon because it provides the best e-commerce services for years. In addition to this, their application is user-friendly and is now available on different platforms.

These may be small reasons but are the most efficient one when it comes to attracting an audience.

A user spends their most of time and money on mobile applications then on websites, if they like an application then they will come back. It all depends on loyalty and you need to work on that only.

Mobile Website

It is possible that you are confused about whether to build an application or not. In these types of scenarios, you can easily go for the mobile website option. These are the next big thing that is leaving a huge mark in the application world.

People are showcasing their services and product by using the website but in the form of an application. It is compatible to run a website on a wide platform of mobile devices.

You don’t even have to outsource the project as your in-house team will easily handle this type of work for you. Discuss the functionality with your team and all the graphical aspects that you want to incorporate in the website application along with user interface. Your lead developer or graphic designer can help you out with the basic work details.

If you have the complete plan then you can hire an outsource developer or even a web app development team if you like. They can create an application website for you without any hitch. It will be cost-effective and will save a lot of time of a developer to work on the project.

Message To Give Out

This is the step that you need to be very clear of. You must know what your application will sell or what the basic idea behind all the effort is.

This will actually help you to decide the look and feel of your application. Also, you will be able to decide logo font and colour for your application.

Usually, people don’t give it much importance in the starting phase and then they regret it immensely. Apart from this, you must know the type of content that you need to put in your application.

However, you can always grow your niche and field but initially, you need to be clear of it. It is better to integrate your mobile application with your YouTube channel or even your blog if they are already running.

It Is All About iPhone And Android

There was a time when you were surrounded by a number of Operating System for a Smartphone.

When the time has changed now and people have said their final goodbye to Window and BlackBerry phones. Now it is all about Android and iPhone that has taken over the majority of the population.

Both the platforms are growing rapidly and business owners are also focusing on these OS platforms more and more.

Every other platform has now ceased to exist or become irrelevant. Even developers are more focused on them that allow them to make an application that can work just fine with Android and iPhone.

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Also, there is no reason to not for both as there is software that allows you to launch an application for both the platforms simultaneously.


The potential of the mobile phone is no longer limited to marketing. It has gone beyond the transactions, social media interaction, customer loyalty and improved market image of a company. All the business owners are now dependent on mobile applications to reach a more challenging goal and achieve a huge customer ratio.

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