Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Develop an E-commerce Website


June 4, 2019



In the current competitive scenario for retail, most of the retailers are jumping into the e-commerce website platform for making a strategically correct move which is at par with changing consumer’s opinion and trend.

Now more and more retailers have focused on providing an extraordinary experience to their customer so that there are plenty of options for them to choose accordingly.

As per the recent study it was found that there are 7, 50,000 e-commerce companies which provide e-commerce platform to their customer.

So it’s time to pull up the socks. If you want to start your business through e-commerce website then deciding for an optimal website platform is equally important.

In the current market trend, Node.js is the most preferred choice for building the e-commerce website. So in this article, we will try to elaborate on what is Node.js and why it is the choice for most of the online e-commerce website platform.

What is Node.js?    

Node.js is the open-source cross-platform that runs on the JavaScript and its environment. It is the Google chrome v8 search engine based server-side platform. All around the globe Node.js is famous for its fast and reliable application base which is rich in JavaScript library modules.

Stability is another factor why it is the first choice for the development of an e-commerce website. This helps in incorporation of vital features like various product details, cart options, and payment gateways.

In addition to all these points, Node.js brings rapid prototyping along with it. Brands like Uber, Walmart, linkedin, NASA, eBay and Netflix all are using Node.js for creating the basic application, so Node.js is in use from the entertainment industry to space research interesting inst it?

Reason why Node.js is great for e-commerce website development.

  • Performanc

In comparison to other languages like PHP Node.js has more performance support that too at a lower cost.

Use of it makes the whole experience more convenient and simplified with availability of a various number of factors like clicking on the favorite product, viewing the particular features of the product, and selecting the desired payment option.

All these points are simplified like never before. This allows more and more people to get interested in visiting the website.

  • Budget-friendly

With the availability of working in the real time, cost involved in Node.js is reduced in itself. The I/O model of it is so effective that it did not obstruct the I/O operation in spite of the fact that it works on a real-time basis.

Also, the website applications get updated at a much faster pace. The developmental cost is reduced in it and one does not require opting for two different teams for the front end and at the backend department, going will Node.js fix your problem.

  • Scalability

The design of Node.js is much event oriented, which has driven the scalability information on the web applications.

This provides easier and simpler small modules that work perfectly with the websites and also the new modules which can work efficiently. Also, one more fact is that Node.js can be easily customized according to the need of the current e-commerce website platform.

  • Speed

As it uses chrome V8 it offers great and efficient speed to run the web-based applications. As have been told before to that it does not block the I/O system, it only enhances the performance further.

One another feature is that when we use Node.js not much has to be concerned about the security issues especially in the payments that is the heart of any e-commerce website.

Many top companies like PayPal are using Node.js to work on the fast speed even in high web traffic days or hours.

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  • Love from the community

Ecommerce website development is not as simple as it seems, it is a complex feature to design and also need a constructive support system that helps the community member to have a specific solution in hand as soon as the problem arises.

A large number of developers work together to bring out this flawless feature of an e-commerce setup, and they always have spark to try something new and reliable. Easy availability of the solution and use of GitHub or Stack Overflow is the reason why Node.js is so hit among the developer community.

  • Plug-in benefits

The key positive point of appointing Node.js is that if you want to design another e-commerce website or want to update the current one you will get the already prepared tailor-made plug-in.

Usually, these plug-in are free and are easily available on GitHub and have a download process free of cost as well. This, in turn, helps in the acceleration of the whole development process of any e-commerce website without losing much from the pocket.

  • Cross-platform

It is evident that in many cases developer is required to have the knowledge of the programming languages that are being used for the coding purpose but for Node.js nothing like this is required.

The implementation is so convenient that it suits both the client and the server. Not only this, but it also allows the developer to have the code reusability and any modification if required.

  • Uniformity

The architectural structure of Node.js is developed in such a way that any HTTP request and the overlapping outcome application can travel easily through the same data stream which is being used that it to say only the single stream.

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So ultimately it becomes much easier to process the files and it acts as the boon for the e-commerce website industry which has a huge amount of products and tots as well which are live on the website.

This quality allows easy update and uploads related to video feature of products hence allow the consumer to take real-time decisions in no time.

  • Open source

Being a JavaScript platform it receives all the access of professional as well as experienced developers which helps the rectification of the codes to have much more functional features on the particular website.

  • Real-time relation management

One of the most waited and the loved feature of any e-commerce website is its real time customer interaction. Since Node.js supports both types of communication at the front office and backend communication becomes much easier and more interactive.

This ensures instant customer satisfaction; this becomes possible due to the implementation support of chat-based tool which is available 24X7. Also, it makes handling the product from multi-vendors easier and product listing become less complex.


As we have just discussed the various striking feature of Node.js in the field of developing an e-commerce websites and its various applications, we can say with no doubt that it is the perfect choice of the time, which should be made wisely with time.

No doubt this is the best technology that has the JavaScript support, works on both the end of communication and let developer reuse the codes.

With the risings scale of competition on the e-commerce business one need something which is reliable and works on the marvelous speed and is robust enough to withstand the heat of the market.

As Node.js is the secure and trustworthy platform it will open new doors for your e-commerce website for being a hit in the retail business sector. And if you want to have a successful golden future of your website obviously the roads has to pass through the Node.js.


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