Why You Should Opt Odoo For Your Website?

Tagged as an all-in-one management software, Odoo comes across as easiest option to churn out a host of business apps. Not with standing the fact that you are dealing with Inventory, Point of Sale (PoS), Accounting or e-Commerce, you can employ this most patronized global platform to your advantage. Originally named as an OpenERP, it was in May 2014 that the license-free software was christened as Odoo with the launch of its version 8. Odoo v8 provides a host of applications that can be applied to various types of businesses including Business Intelligence, the creation of websites and e-Commerce activities.

If you are looking to build a website using Odoo, here are the numerous ways in which you can make the most of the “website builder” module that it offers.

1. A Comprehensive Option

If your current ERP is deficient with functionalities, look no further and check out the license-free software code offered by Odoo. Offering a plethora of 1000 modules that can be deployed to create a website that meets all your business needs, it is through Odoo that you can garner the support from its community of technical experts. Permitting you to analyze your website’s requirements, you can bank on Sodexis which helps you match your requirements to the numerous OpenERP functionalities that Odoo has in store for you.


2. Promises an Integrated Solution

All thanks to the modular structure of Odoo that you can start with the usage of a few modules. As your website needs increase, you can effortlessly scale up by the addition of befitting modules. This modular feature brings in the benefits of an integrated web-based solution.

3. Make the Most of the Latest Technology

A prudent digital marketer knows the importance of time. If you are one amongst the well-informed e-Commerce professionals, you will not wait until your current technology becomes redundant. You will quickly switch gears to an upcoming and latest technology that comes with multiple promises. OpenERP / Odoo is one such software that relies on a technology stack that is not only up-to-date but also modern.

4. A Cost-Cutting Alternative

Odoo, which does not call for the payment of any license fee allows you to invest in implementation and customization. Alongside this provision, you can also make the most of the up-to-date reports that Odoo offers in contrast to the delayed reporting stretching to weeks and months with other ERPs. Such delays which burn a hole in the pockets of companies can be avoided through this cost-friendly Odoo alternative.

5. Tailor-Made Options Are At Your Disposal

Tagged as a right tool to stay in good stead with the stiff competition you face with your competitors, Odoo comes as an easy-to-use and flexible software. Allowing you to push your limits to keep pace with the fast-changing business situations, Odoo can be customized to match your company’s website requirements.

6. One App Promises Myriads of Design Functions

It will not be an exaggeration to quote that Odoo can be identified as a multi-faceted app that can perform a plethora of different website design functions. If you are curious to know the long list of features that Odoo promises to your website, here it comes:

  • Odoo facilitates your website to manage multi-currencies, multiple companies along with a multi-lingual feature
  • You can initiate online payment through a particular mode of payment, in line with your preference
  • You can make the most of Odoo’s “website builder” characteristic to display multiple themes along with extra add-ons
  • Allows you to employ Bootstrap CMS and e-Commerce modules that can be integrated into the website builder to edit your website
  • Through Odoo, you don’t need to install extra third-party plugins to build your website
  • Odoo’s Fluid Grid layout comes handy in churning out the best layout that is compatible with the device in which the website content is viewed
  • Odoo offers you the privilege of scanning through the lengthy catalog of ready-made themes that can be accessed by you through few clicks. You simply need to visit the app store which enlists a collection of professional themes. Then, you can change your website theme in line with your preferences

7. An Intuitive System Which is Flexible and Easy-To-Use

Odoo allows you to insert font styles into your website content like headers, italics, lists and bold features through the use of a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor.

Odoo’s flexibility permits you to create your webpage through a building blocks system. It is through this system that you can build a webpage from the scratch by dragging and dropping pre-designed and completely customizable building blocks.

Odoo bestows you the luxury of changing the content directly from the front-end, sparing you of the complex back-end editing operations. An additional attraction comes in the form of a word processor like experience that allows you to create and edit your website content.

8. A Promotional Tool That Improves Website Ranking

All thanks to the keyword suggestions and the Meta Tag tool that Odoo promises, you can effortlessly improve your website ranking on search engines. Permitting you to generate organic traffic, Odoo through its social media call-to-action feature allows you to share your webpages with your social media contacts, spread across multiple networks.

9. A Multi-Faceted Website Building Platform

Odoo can be aptly called the all-in-one solution to build a website on the strength of the following features. Alongside allowing you to perform a series of trial-run iterations, Odoo handholds you to run several versions of a single webpage to check which version comes up with better results. The best part of Odoo is that it permits you to analyze your search results through a direct link with Google Analytics.

Another feature of Odoo that demands a special mention is its capability to support multiple versions. You can not only churn out multiple versions of your website, but also toggle between one another with a simple click.

You can perform the web-link tracking activity by adding a tracking code to your URL. Through this activity, Odoo will come handy in assessing all your marketing campaigns right from the time a visitor lands on your site till he makes his final sale. Allowing you to work around well-informed analytical metrics, you can come up with campaigns that will better attract customers and improve your bottom line. Through Odoo, you can even keep a close watch on your ROI.

10. Prepares the Ground for an Improved User Experience

With all eyes set on enhancing user experience, Odoo can bless your website with a number of user-friendly features. Gengo is a translation tool that can help you employ standard translations. If you are all set to attract the attention of smartphone users to visit your website, you have the luxury of a “mobile preview” button that allows you to view your page the way it will be presented on a mobile. The list of user-friendly features does not end here. You will be in a position to provide real-time information to your customers through a pop-up chat window and stay in touch with your brand loyalists at all times.

11. A Seamless Reporting and Tracking Platform for e-Commerce Transactions

All thanks to Odoo, you now have a befitting tool that can report your e-Commerce transactions directly to your accounts. Through this feature, you can better manage your online sales, payments and shipping along with automatic billing. In addition to the above- mentioned benefits, Odoo can boost your online presence through the display of trendy webpages. Planning to run an online event? Look no further and rely on Odoo which allows you to plan, promote and make sales via online events.


With the USP of Odoo to be recognized as an easy-to-use platform that is fully integrated, you will be better off treading its path. With a suite of open-source business apps that can meet all the diversified needs of your business, Odoo helps you build a comprehensive website that will enhance your online credibility alongside building user relationships that will eventually transform into online sales.

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