Being a user of Web 2.0, you must be familiar with Prestashop, an e-commerce software that helps you design and manage online  shopping carts. Tagged as an open source software, Prestashop finds an extensive use in the creation of online shopping interfaces. This software comes with a host of pre-designed and pre-defined templates that can be employed by your website developer.

Following are some of the benefits these pre-defined themes come with:

Benefits of Prestashop Themes

1. Customization – The Topmost Benefit of Prestashop Themes

All thanks to the numerous Prestashop themes that can be sourced from many companies, you can employ various skins which are available in multiple styles. Not one or two but an entire assembly of web design skins can be integrated into the shopping cart software. This promises the situation of “best of both the worlds” demonstrating a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and usability.

If you are looking to team an artistic product with a sophisticated look, you can go ahead and choose a befitting style that matches your requirement. This way, you can bank on Prestashop themes to bring out the perfect layout for your e-commerce site.

2.A Smooth Transition From “Free To Paid” Prestashop Skins

You must be aware that there are some Prestashop templates which can be availed without paying any license fee. However, there are others that are offered by certain companies which come with a price tag. With ample of options available in the market, a trial run of your online cart can include free templates. By doing this, you can check whether your online cart delivers a performance standard that is required by you. However, the second stage to this testing may involve payments to companies who provide you paid Prestashop templates.


You can pick a first-rate template which has the power to effectively market your products and services. Simultaneously, you can also call for a store makeover by altering the look and functionality of your online store with a palette of appealing colors and fonts.

3.Multiple Design Options

These themes come with umpteen layout options. Hence, choosing any one of the Prestashop pre-defined themes meeting your requirements can professionalize your e-commerce cart. Added to the assembly of layout options, you can cash on the convenience of multiple colors and fonts that can be changed to suit your design requirements. This way, you can choose and implement one from a plethora of well-maintained and high-quality customer-centric themes to transform your cart to rank high in aesthetics and functionalities.

4.Maintenance of Your Site Becomes a Breeze

The pre-defined themes of Prestashop simplify the task of maintaining your e-commerce cart. Just a click on the “theme update” option and you are all covered. However, in certain situations, you need to upload an“.ftp” file for the update to be initiated. Additionally, all these themes present a simple means to customize your site, without demanding any software coding.

5.Device Compatibility

Another star attraction of Prestashop themes is that these themes are compatible with mobiles as well. You can effortlessly employ these themes on to your mobile e-commerce site and will be thrilled to receive orders from satisfied customers. Customers who look up your site can read the online content on their mobile devices without any hassles.


You will thank yourself for choosing one of the Prestashop themes on the strength of its affordability. These themes which come with in-built themes do not burn a hole in your pockets when compared to the cost incurred with static websites. You can enjoy the benefits of bringing in a consistent layout to your site without bothering about “what next?”

You simply add your content to the theme and your website is up and running. This feature hastens the entire process of building and launching your website which ultimately results in money savings. You don’t have to invest in any unique software to make use of Prestashop themes. This further reduces your cost figures and paves way for a budget-friendly website development.

7.Better Control – The Reins of Website Development Are in Your Hands

You can be the master of your website when you choose to use the themes offered by Prestashop. Enabling you to have complete control over the development of your e-commerce site, you will be in a favorable position to project your brand in the best light possible. Added to this, you can churn out high-functional e-commerce interfaces that are in line with the needs of your customers by conductive trail runs; supported by research and development activities.

8.You Can Save a Great Deal of Time

As the Prestashop themes come with built-in functionalities, you can save a lot of website development time. You can simply include plug-ins and widgets that are required, without having to search for them. By picking Prestashop themes you will be in a position to link your site with your social media contacts alongside taking assistance to provide slideshows and side panels to your site that are helpful to online shoppers.

Final Thoughts

The above 8 advantages of employing Prestashop themes are a testimony to the fact that it is best to choose pre-defined themes. These themes help your website to have the best look among others along with a high level of usability.

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