“Memes are sooo 2017 stuff”.  If any of you think so, hold on! We have only entered 2018 it’s not like everything has turned upside down.

Memes have always been prominent when it comes to expressing sarcasm and dark comedy and will remain to thrive despite the time.

Programming has always been subjected to comical representation, thanks to memes. Most of them surround the fact that how hectic and demanding the job is.


However, it is indeed true that these memes are hilarious and would make anyone burst out into laughter no matter where they are while looking at it.

2017 has been blessed by these memes for easing up the stress of programmers. 2018 is having a great start with some hilarious memes about programming and computer-related jobs.

let’s have a peek at some of them.

1. God, I’m One Step Closer To You.

1) God, I’m one step closer to you


2. It’s Deeper Than You Can Imagine.


2) It’s deeper than you can imagine


3. Did I Miss The Power Nap Incentive In The Appointment Letter?


3) Did I miss the power nap incentive in the appointment letter?


4. I Do Have A Very Particular Set Of Skills


I do have a very particular set of skills


5. Whatever It Is Why Is It So?

 Whatever it is why is it so?


 6. We Need Content! Send It In.


We need content! Send it in


7. They Should Have Named It C Plus Squared.


They should have named it C plus squared


8. Surrender Or Face Deletion


Surrender or face deletion


9. I’m Sorry HTML But I Really Need The Bootstrap Even Though I Can CSS


I’m sorry HTML but I really need the bootstrap even though I can CSS


10. Sometimes I Tend To Get Lost In My Own Minotaur’s Maze


Sometimes I tend to get lost in my own Minotaur’s maze


11. I’m Really Unsure About My Own Creation


 I’m really unsure about my own creation  


12. Imma Genius!


 Imma genius


13. Are You Talking To Me?


Are you talking to me?


14. More Coffee Please


More coffee please


15. Played By Python


Mocoffee please


16. This Must Be How a Programmer’s House Must Be Furnished


This must be how a programmer’s house must be furnished


17. Yelp!




18. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Together we stand, divided we fall


19. Send Me The Link!


Send me the link


20. Either You Are In or You Are Out

 Either you are in or you are out

21. Lel


Programming Memes 2018
Programming Memes 2018

22. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ( Long shot followed by echo)


Programming Memes 2018
Programming Memes 2018

23.  Relax!


Programming Memes 2018
Programming Memes 2018

24. Got it? 😉

25.  Strange indeed!

Programming Memes 2018
Programming Memes 2018

26. Tears of joy     ;’)

27.   Most used image ever

28. That Pun though

29. Why most of us are single!

30. Hell Yeah

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