Python -The Most Trusted Language in Data Science

Without no doubt Python is the most famous Programming Language at the moment. Stack Overflow has recently published a survey in which it has been clearly mentioned that Python has surpassed the fame of c# and PHP and has been named as the fastest growing language of this time.

But what makes Python so much in demand especially when it comes to Data Science?

  • Python’s simple syntax makes it easy to use
  • Owing to its versatility the language is considered as a Swiss Army Knife in data science
  • Python has impeccable packages such as Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn, PyBrain, Tensorflow, Cython, PyMySQL etc.
  • For interactive programming there is an iPython notebook.
  • For Data visualization purposes Python has packages such as, Plotly, Matpolib, ggplot, Pygal. Networkx etc.
  • Learning curve of Python is comparatively low compared to others.
  • Python is compatible with open-source data platform Hadoop
  • Anaconda platform of Python is fast when it comes to data processing.

Let’s have a look at an infographic for a clear idea and some valuable suggestion regarding learning Python for Data science related purposes.

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