Python -The Most Trusted Language in Data Science


June 25, 2018

python data science

Without no doubt Python is the most famous Programming Language at the moment. Stack Overflow has recently published a survey in which it has been clearly mentioned that Python has surpassed the fame of c# and PHP and has been named as the fastest growing language of this time.

But what makes Python so much in demand especially when it comes to Data Science?

  • Python’s simple syntax makes it easy to use
  • Owing to its versatility the language is considered as a Swiss Army Knife in data science
  • Python has impeccable packages such as Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn, PyBrain, Tensorflow, Cython, PyMySQL etc.
  • For interactive programming there is an iPython notebook.
  • For Data visualization purposes Python has packages such as, Plotly, Matpolib, ggplot, Pygal. Networkx etc.
  • Learning curve of Python is comparatively low compared to others.
  • Python is compatible with open-source data platform Hadoop
  • Anaconda platform of Python is fast when it comes to data processing.

Let’s have a look at an infographic for a clear idea and some valuable suggestion regarding learning Python for Data science related purposes.

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