Python is holding the top spot among the best programming languages for web development and its popularity has been on the rise for the past few years. Due to its stability and reliability, it is one of the most commonly used programming languages ever since it was introduced by Guido van Ross-um. Python web development came into the limelight in the late 80’s which is named after great Monty Python. Many languages were developed after that for web development but didn’t pose serious threat to its wide usage.

The language that is both readable and accessible was designed for server-side web applications. It has built a strong foundation as one of the most favorite high-level languages for programmers with a wide range of benefits and applications. Building intricate multi-protocol network apps with ease is now a reality with this viable language. This in fact serves as a base to learn other languages. According to TIOBE Programming Community Index, Python was the programming language of the year for the years 2007 and 2010 and presently in the 5th spot from top. And it has always been in the top 10 spots ever since 2003.


The beginners in computer programming always preferred to work on this language as it is fun to use. Python built with an object-oriented design has an edge over other languages on many aspects and that is why it is among the top choices for web development. Its high speed nature made it an important ingredient for diverse internet-based applications. Here are a few among the top advantages of this programming language:

  1. Easy to use:

    As we all know, development is not at all an easy job and requires good skill and knowledge. However, Python is really easy to learn and understand unlike its many other counterparts. In fact, this language could be said as designed for beginners with a simple-to-learn syntax. The syntax of Python seems like pseudo code making it easier to develop and debug for newbies. They have very little codes or steps to remember when approaching a coding task.

  2. Simple to handle:

    Simplicity is the key for the wide acceptance of Python. With minimal time and effort, a dedicated programmer could design several functions quickly with only a few lines of code. It has an elegant design and is built with greatimportance on efficiency and readability which assuresless mental overhead.Its uncluttered visual layout makes the language highly readable.

  3. Flexible:

    The individuals who are novel to the world of programming can consider Python as a springboard for exploring this vast subject. In addition to the object-orientated platform, the language supports diverse paradigms such as, functional, imperative as well as procedural programming. The object-oriented valuesof Python are very well attuned with numerous languages such as Perl, JavaScript, Ruby and C#.

  4. Enhanced productivity:
    Prototypes and complex ideas can be built in really quick time with Python. The functioning prototypes designed at a good pace satisfy clients as it saves their time and money. Quick run time data structures are a reality with Python web development as it comes with dictionary data structures and built-in list.The length of the required support code is minimized to a great extent as it facilitates high-level data typing.


  1. Easy integration:

    Python is a flexible language unlike its many other counterparts. Python Package Index (PyPI) has several third-party modules that help it to collaborate with many of the other platforms and languages. In fact, this web development language can be easily integrated with a lot of other programming languages. The most popular ones include

  • CPython- a combo of Python with C
  • Jython- a combo of Python with Java
  • IronPython- compatible with .NET and C#
  • PyObjc- Python designed with ObjectiveC toolkits
  • RubyPython- Python integrated with Ruby
  1. Improved convenience:

    Python is rich with a vast number of resources. Its broad library that features built-in functionality adds to the overall convenience offered with its usage. This in fact covers a wide range of sectors such as string operations, internet protocols, operating system interfaces and web services tools. Its library provides good support and assistance for internet protocols such as JSON, HTML and XML, and e-mail processing. In addition to a huge and comprehensive standard library,it features automatic memory management with a garbage collector and a dynamic type system.


  2. Quick processing:

    What makes Python stands out from other web development languages is its flexibility to work with other programming frameworks and environments. Its highly advanced features assist in easy and quick development of particular applications. Its fast processing in fact saves a lot of cost to the company using it.It is widely accepted as an instructional language. More than that the language can be effectively reused through watchful implementation of packages and modules. The unit test framework that comes built-in with Python is its unique speciality that makes sure that the code is working rightly as what intended.

  3. Open source language:

    Python is an open-source language with enhanced process control capabilities that is ideal for general-purpose usage. It can be modified or implemented according to the specific requirement. It is widely used and distributed in diverse applications including commercial purposes. The support for the language is also free. The enthusiasts can make a visit to for more help or details or can seek assistance using the tutorials. There is an active community of Python users who are always willing to offer a hand of assistance.

  4. Vast applications:

    Python language is used worldwide for a wide range of applications. It’s use in graphic design, image processing as well as GUI based desktop applications are just the basic ones. The language has played key role in many interesting games and diverse scientific and computational sectors and apps. In addition to web applications, Python cannot be put apart for operating systems, certain enterprise and business apps, language development, web frameworks and for prototyping. Adding to its popularity, the world’s largest stock exchange uses Python for many mission critical applications. The other key areas where this language for web development has registered its mark include movie animation ,numerous cell phones, ship building industries, newspaper websites as well as for air traffic control.

  5. All in one tool:

    Python is an affordable and secure language. It is available for most of the widely used operating systems such as Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS. The language outsmarts other competitors right from areas such as basic CGI scripting to web apps collaborated with huge frameworks such as Django. Web applications built with Python are mostly designed using the Flask or Django module.In addition to being robust and fast, it is portable and scalable.

  6. Feasible choice:

    When compared to other popular languages used for web development, Python programs stand different. They are in most cases 5-10 times shorter than correspondent C++ code and usually about 3-5 times shorter than the same Java programs. Unlike other languages, it prefers a direct approach to programming making the whole process clear to the programmer. When compared to C or Pascal, it has only a very few special cases and syntactic exceptions.

This global language is great for website development with a more flexible base. It has a widespread use in documenting large systems and modifying search engines with changing client demands. It has find great use in science and engineering streams and for enhancing the graphics experience and even in artificial intelligence tasks. A number of other programming languages were influenced by the philosophy and design of Python such as Cobra, Groovy, Swift, CoffeeScript and a lot more.

Whether the role is to develop websites, implement web-based apps or facilitate other web services, Python can be a good companion. The IT infrastructure of several top firms as well as many IT monsters reliesgreatly on Python. The top global organizations that work on Python include NASA, IBM, YouTube, JP Morgan, Wikipedia, Bank of America, Google, Mozilla, Weekly News, Ultraseek, Yahoo!, Nokia, Linux, Disney, Yahoo Maps and a lot more. The majority of the newbies find great pleasure to use and learn this language. The transitions to other languages are a lot easier and much faster than one thinks. That is why Python web development is specifically well suited for complex and large projects with varying requirements and goals.


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