25 Stunning Website Designs of 2018 That Will Blow You Away


February 23, 2018

The New Year has been a great start for people looking around for some of the best existing projects and web designs incorporated last year. From functionality to the framework, the year 2018 is expected to bring revolutionary changes that will alter the web development scenario.

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Talking about websites it is indeed mandatory at this juncture of time that

We’ve gathered a huge list of 25 best website designs of 2017 which can help you make a great project work successfully.  They follow all the latest design trends and have the same modern look.

Let’s take a look:
  1. Saturized

A professional digital creative agency, Saturized stays true to its name, focused on creating and delivering a high-quality interactive experience. The website is no less than what they claim to be. The website looks more focused on the user-experience which understands the everyday challenges of many other competitors. The website hence stands out to be successful in today’s digital world.

2. Opacity Design Group Ltd.

Opacity Design Group (ODG) is a boutique branding and creative firm offering an ideal blend of approach, design, and technology that makes something amazing. The website was designed by their own team that suits their day-to-day activities which have turned it into a unique website and users enjoy visiting. 3. Lightbox Digital

Lightbox is a digital agency that mainly deals with small and medium enterprises enabling them to create digital products and campaigns to transform their brand. Their website is a luxury view for their enormous clients across the globe with consumer-driven digital experience. They are also in a process to build their E-commerce website. It will certainly be something interesting to get hold of.

4. Versett

A product engineering and design studio, Versett has a web design for future web experience.  Navigating through their website is easy and fast with a new redesigning experience. The website’s homepage consists of some of its best and interesting to note case studies which showcase their right process.

5. Spindel

A website designed by a freelancer top showcase her portfolio, spindle runs around a very simple but classy design, turning the complex content into a very beautiful and interactive experience.  The website itself is a big turnover for the freelancer with unique and beautiful responsive design.


6. Abingworth

Abingworth is an international investment group in the field of biotechnology and life science.  The website is designed by a team of super talented designers that have crafted the concept rightly through its design.  The business can be easily explored without disturbing your attention on the main business.

7. Jardan

The website indeed is a mind-blowing concept by its developers. Jardan has been in business since long and offers a wide range of furniture designs. The interactive layouts and design make its presence felt among all other designs. The website has a great design and is well optimized to be run on any devices easily.

8. Fueled

Known for its award-winning portfolio, fueled was developed by its own team that beautifully emphasizes its design, functionality, and strategy to engage its customers. Not only this, the website is periodically upgraded to new and innovative designs to give you a good user experience. Worth a check.

9. Daesk

Daesk is a team of freelancers and agencies that help you get strategic insights into your business making you concentrate on work that matters most to you. The website includes eye-catching images with easy navigation and insights into their business.  The website won’t make you sick or waste your time with its elegant and simple user interface.

10. Shade Master

Shade Master is an Australian firm that specializes in a wonderful range of quality roofing solutions for your living.  The dedicated team of web developers has turned no stone down in bringing the blend of the business objective with user needs. The website gets across what exactly you are looking for and giving you insightful outcomes.

11. Ufo Mammoot

Now, this is an interesting one. Though the site looks a bit complicated in nature, the idea behind its design and the tactics used are far beyond imagination. The site is recently built with WebVR, Chatbot and WebGL – and whatever you name it.  The website is a perfect blend of idea and technology in a unique and innovative workpiece.

12. Bold Earth

Are you looking out for an adventure travel website? Well, you certainly need to check this one out.  Bold earth is about a group of adventure teens who organize travels around the world.  The website is itself a unique selling point for the brand. The website showcases environment, confidence, boldness and much more. You are going to have an un-forgetful adventure in exploring their interactive website.

13. Melted Subs

Who doesn’t love subs, but we love this website too. True to its name, melted subs gets your mouth watering with their attractive and easy to navigate menus, along with some mouth-watering HD images. The website looks fresh and pretty cool. It is designed in plain HTML5 and CSS without compromising in its user experience.

14. Chaptr Studio

Chaptr studio is in the field of web development and visual content. The website is beautifully crafted, has an intelligent content and offers a great digital experience. The content is collaborative and strikes across a good brand identity.  The black & white combination of color gives prominence to the content of the site and stands out with rest of the designing aspects.

15. RedBytes Redbytes is app development company and the website they have created is specifically designed by keeping wanted to convey to the audience in mind. The design is practical and looks attractive as well. They have managed to advertise themselves effectively on the home page itself by highlighting what should be.  There is an animated GIF on the front page which is more than enough to convey the business of the company. 16. Magicleap

A start-up company, magic leap works on head-mounted virtual retinal display, a 3D computer-generated imagery over real-world objects. The website turns out to be a nice, pretty and new animation-related theme that is designed for retro-futuristic people. The whole website is designed in a way to make you feel comfortable and organic.

17. Johos

Joho’s design has a magnificent visual design that progressively explains the story of the business. The layout is interactive, imagery, and all, in all sound engineered. All these raw material comes together to give you that perfect recipe for what a web design should be like.  In addition, it is one of the sites that bring about the story telling concept of how’s the journey of a coffee bean.

18. Brain Pickings

Coping up with your boredom doesn’t mean you surf the internet to read any kind of stuff. Try expanding your knowledge by reading out some really interesting blogs written by Maria Popova, which are based on her real-life experiences. She does all the research by herself and they are certain to look out for.

19. Ximena Vengoechea

The sweet, simple and elegant design makes this website one of our favorites. The color and texture used really help us understand how the website is helping the personal website grow. Plus, the content stands out giving out a clear action for people to reach out to.

20. Oddee

love reading weird content. This website is the place. You get a strange feeling being in there, all lost reading out some seriously strange blogs. The website also has many videos which resemble a modern-day design challenges which have now attracted over 10 million users and subscribers.

21. myst

With more and more people preferring watching videos instead of reading the text, myst stands out with its cinematic experience with a complete scenario of voice and video on its homepage. You also have an option to toggle that sounds on and off since not all users prefer such designs. This kind of designs is pulled back by many, but when presented thoughtfully, can bring beautiful design trends to the industry.


22. Allendjal

Are you a fan of parallax effects? They were once in trend in the year 2016 and designers who actually practiced it got wiser with the mouse-based events. The trend continues with Allendjal, with more impressive and fancy parallax effects. The more real the effects on the screen, more are the numbers of users visiting the website.

23. y7k

Haven’t you heard about the kaleidoscopic effects of websites? It means having some complex patterns and multicolors with psychedelic effects. The y7k illustrates what’s exactly said. The website has a fresh, two-tone look and a modern design that takes your breath away. While it may seem a bit jarring at first, do navigate to check out what the offered to the web designing world.

24. Newacton

Graphics has always played an important part of many websites today. But for some, it’s more than just graphics. Newacton with its minimalistic design and simple illustrations touches to the business having the perfect reason to be on the list. The website displays just an absolute design elements.

25. Thibault Pailloux

The website rolls around the concept of text overlapping the images and vice versa. The website has been designed by a creative freelance art director and stands out with vibrant and colorful designing patterns and pages. The websites hit the personality with vivid colors to uncomplicated designs.


Businesses never get a second chance for capturing a first impression. What makes a website brilliant is the purpose it serves its customers. From the above list, it’s certain that each website excels in its own way and serves a unique purpose. That means not all of the above websites is conversion machines which sell their ideas and products. Instead, they are an inspiration to some great designs that are created from various corners of the world.

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