Movies are the best entertainment source. We all love watching series and movies online for free over the comfort of both mobile and screens at home. The best thing about the current changing technological is the easy availability of the content online that satisfies the viewers and boost the sales of production houses.

In this article we will figure out the collection of the free online movie websites where you can easily either download or stream free movies. And on the top of it, most of the are no sign-up requiring website which adds up to the brownie points.


As the way of making movies is changing so is the viewpoint of the customer and many small budgets yet tremendous movies are released every month or week over Netflix, amazon prime and Hulu.

They used to be the premium services but now all these content and episodes are available on other website at free of cost, we have tried to put forward some of the websites which provide series and movies assess to these portals too. So, let’s start

1. Vudu


This is one of the best and trending movie online streaming sites which is absolutely free. The best part about Vudu is it provides free access to both new hit series as well as the old classical viewer’s choice movies.

The website has the largest collection of movies which do not require any signup. There are several new movies which you will easily find it over there.

There is different free section where you can get some amazing movies and old Hollywood classics like pride and glory without paying a single penny.

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2. IMDb freedive

This is a comparatively new website. The content over the website is free for the Amazon account holders. The collection is pretty large and unique and cannot be found on other websites.

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3. FMovies


It has a huge collection of some of the hit series from Netflix and Amazon, hit movies in the corresponding year are quick to appear over the website.

One thing that might be a drawback for few is the popping out of the adds. The Latest episodes of the series are available over the website in less than a day time. Most of the famous and trending series usually get uploaded in the first 24 hours.

All the movies available over the portal are of high resolution, most of them are in the print of 720 p. this simply means now you can have the fun of theatre at home.

Cool isn’t it? another good thing about the website is the clear division of the genre over it and the requested movie can be found conveniently. This makes it an easy pick! Wow.

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4. Moviesfoundonline

This has several domain-based films. To prevent the legal and copyright issues the website directly doesn’t host or upload videos but under a flagship. This can be a choice for those who do want to register.

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5. Watch series


From Grey’s anatomy to older classic like Riverdale, everything is available over there. This is an all exclusive website that provides premium like services to the users.

The beauty of the portal is the top search box which is prompt and easy. One can easily find the episode number which they wish to watch. This makes it favourable among the users.

It also mentions the next schedule of the episode on the original platform in case one wishes to watch it directly over television.

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6. Pluto

This is another free movie download website that looks and works more like a TV streaming app. This has more than 75 channels based on various categories of content. Just select the channel and watch the content.

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7. Gostream


This is full of Oscar-winning movies ranging from romance to action. The best part of the website is the clear-cut option to choose from downloading the print version or directly watching the movie online.

This makes it easy for working individual who does not have time to watch the movie directly and have the convenience of queuing up several movies for download and watch it later on.

One more thing that makes the website more favourable is the smaller number of ads and pop-ins.

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8. Snagfilms

This is one of the recommended websites for the classic old Hollywood movie collection. But one thing that disappoints many is the absence of TV series. But it let you download movies without even signing up.

9. Putlocker


This has been named as one of the best movie streaming and downloading website on multiple occasions all thanks to features loaded over it. The content is divided cleanly into the genre, country of origin, alphabetical order, rating and preference over the IMDb.

This makes navigating and finding the desired output quite easier. The website has a huge collection of thrillers and Sci-Fi movies. The only drawback is the pop-up ads that might irritate few.

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10. Yidio

This has special access to movies made by Netflix, prime and Hulu. After signing up one can make the Wishlist and save to watch for later. Although the collection maybe little less but surely surprising and rich for viewers.

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11. Tubi


This has become one of the favourite websites for the movie as well as series streaming. It has a wide range of movies divided and curated based on old classics and new hits.

Many popular movies like a hostel, the hurt locker is available over all formats like the android, iOS, fire tv, etc. so this is for all in one purpose.

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12. Primewire

This has collection of the most trending and watched movies in amazing quality. The homepage is also easy to use.

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13. YouTube


Now YouTube has also launched free movie streaming where we can watch several popular ones like terminator and zookeeper. The collection ranges to more than 100 full-length featured movies which makes it a perfect choice.

The best part is you don’t have to pay extra for Netflix and Hulu and can carefreely watch their content.

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14. Yes movies

This website has very less pop up ads which makes it favourite for downloading movies. All the content over the website is in amazing quality and easily available over the homepage.

ss pop up ads which makes it favourite for downloading movies. All the content over the website is in amazing quality and easily available over the homepage.

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15. Sony crackle


The facility of sign up and watchlist creation is also available over the website which enhances the collection of movies.  Most of the movies available over the platform are new and restricted in other websites which may have legal issues.

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16. Az movies

This is another one which tops charts when it comes to movie download. This has a huge collection of award-winning movies. There is a special corner over the website where you can watch the most-watched and hit movies.

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17. Popcorn


This is the best free movie streaming site that offers most of the public-oriented and most trending movies. The site has placed several categories like drama, action-comedy, and horror within the website.

The clear division of movie and tv series make it easy to surf and watch the content online.

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18. Classic cinema online

This has thousands of classic Hollywood movies which are very common among the population, one can easily look out for their favourite movie in the search option and can either watch them online or download it later.

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19. Veoh


The choice of movie streaming is immense. It contains old classic as well as new Hollywood also has Bollywood movies easily available over it. Movies are segregated as per the length, language and year of the release date.

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20. Stremio

The popularity of the website is increasing due to its collection of TV shows and movies. The media content is divided into various categories. It contains comprehensive user-friendly interference.

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21. The ruko channel


This is the main highlighting website that has the collection of tv series as well as movies. They have popular American tv series and drama over there. But few pops-up might haunt you a bit; otherwise the site is worth checking for.

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22. Kanopy

Genuine email id registration is all you require to explore the library of movies as well as series which can be easily searched, viewed and downloaded.

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23. Free movies cinema


It contains short film, classical hits, series, action, rom-com, thriller, and horror all under one roof. You name it and you get it. The movies are of HD quality and support most of the device.

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24. Retrovision

This is a popular website that has an improvised version. You can also create a personal playlist which is an impressive feature.

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25. Big five glories


The interference developed by the developer is quite impressive which allows the streaming to be easier and convenient.

hopes this list will help you enjoy your favourite movies that too without paying a single penny.

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