Choosing the right Front end Frameworks for Web Application development is not an easy task when you have thousands of them on the market. When you are making the right choice for selecting the right framework you have to consider both the development and user perspectives. The decision should be made final only after close considering the following factors.

  • Aesthetics of the website
  • Security
  • Database mapping
  • Web API’s
  • Database Configuration

You should also keep the future in mind so that you can adapt to the latest trends and keep developing. A correct choice of web development framework will accelerate you process with more efficiency.


Let’s have a look into the top front end frameworks for web development in 2020

  1. React
  2. Angular
  3. Vuejs
  4. jQuery
  5. Emberjs
  6. Backbonejs
  7. Semantic-UI
  8. Foundation
  9. Svelte
  10. Flutter

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