The web development domain is continually evolving and growing. These emerging trends are derived from various technologies in artificial intelligence, big data, programming languages, and more. Website owners need to update themselves regarding the top trending web development techniques in 2020 to upgrade their websites.

These latest trends not only affect the look and feel of the website but also its performance.


This blog will explore trending web development techniques in 2020. Check to see if your website has all these advanced technologies and features.

1. Progressive Web Applications


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) started getting popular last year and is fast gaining traction this year. This technology involves leveraging the quintessential HTML5 in developing web applications that look and function both like a website and a mobile application.

PWAs feature an application shell structure to load fast even at lower internet speeds. They are built with Transport Layer Security, which ensures privacy and data security.

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The highlight of PWAs is that they work even offline. These web apps can be accessed directly from the mobile home screen by clicking on the icon and don’t require to be downloaded.

2. Artificial Intelligence

15 Top Trending Web Development Techniques to Watch Out In 2020-AI

AI is one of the top web development techniques in 2020. The current trend is not just integrating AI-solutions in websites, but using Artificial Intelligence to build websites.

Artificial Intelligence solutions are increasingly being used to boost operations, influence sales, engage customers, and generate insights for analysis. AI-based technology is used for analyzing emotions of customer comments. This information is used to drive better customer engagement.

It is also used to send personalized notifications to customers and optimize websites and applications for voice search. AI and neural networks are used to ensure copyright protection in social media platforms.

Artificial Intelligence is also being used to counter and prevent cyber threats. A forecast by Statista states that AI will be used for the following functions by 2025:

  • Recognizing, classifying, and tagging static images and objects
  • Processing patient data
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Content distribution on social media platforms
  • Navigation
  • Text query of images
  • Automatically detecting geophysical features

3. Programming Languages


Developers need to update themselves about the latest programming languages. C, Java, C#, and JavaScript are programming languages that form the core of millions of web applications that are still in vogue.

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, Python started gaining popularity. It is still one of the top programming languages and will continue to be so in the coming years.

JavaScript will still continue to be the most preferred computing language for front-end website development. A new language in the block is Golang from Google. This open-source programming language can also be used to build websites.

4. Web Assembly


WASM or Web Assembly refers to a small, fast binary format that is used to build client-side apps, games, music, and video streaming applications, CAD applications, and high-speed web apps. This low-level byte code can be generated using programming languages such as Rust, C, and C++.

The byte code directly runs in a browser. A web assembly integrates into a web platform and helps harness the hardware capabilities. It also supports non-browser embedding.

5. Single-page Applications


Single-page Applications or SPA’s have been around for a few years now and will still continue to be popular in the coming years.

This web development technique involves dynamically rewriting the current page displayed on the screen instead of loading a new page from the server.

This method allows visitors to explore the entire website without having to navigate. SPAs also adapt to all devices, enhancing the website’s responsiveness.

6. Motion User Interface


You just have 9 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor and keep them on the website. It is this short attention span that spurred the use of animation and interactive graphics to grab a visitor’s attention.

Motion user interface includes the use of background graphics, attractive headers, animated charts, hovers, and other animation elements. This emerging website development technology is expected to gain momentum in 2020.

7. API-first Design


Traditionally, the backend team works first on the API and then the front-end development team receives it. When developers follow this process, it takes a long time to build a website.

The API-first design focuses on first developing the API and then building the product over it. This technique not only makes the web development process faster but also reduces the need to re-write codes.

It streamlines the development process and makes it more efficient to build APIs for different platforms and portals.

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages


Accelerated Mobile Pages (ACP) is an open-source library that is used to build lightweight, secure, and responsive web pages. ACP’s load faster as they are built using restricted CSS, HTML, JavaScript codes.

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Though modular and responsive designs are also popularly used, Accelerated Mobile Pages will continue to trend in 2020.

9. Neural Networks

15 Top Trending Web Development Techniques to Watch Out In 2020-neural-networks

Neural Networks are a subset of Artificial Intelligence. This neural network technology uses the principle of searching for dependent relationships and matches. It needs time for self-learning, but the chances of errors are less.

This trend is just in the nascent stage now and is expected to see huge developments in the future. In the coming years, we could probably see complete website solutions being developed using Neural Networks.

10. Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) connects smart devices, gaming consoles, smart vehicles, enterprise apps, smart homes, wearables, and websites in one comprehensive network.

Businesses and service providers need to have seamless connectivity across all portals and platforms to deliver the best user experience.

A study by Statista shows that nearly 31 billion devices will be connected together by the end of this year. This means that websites and applications need to be developed keeping IoT as the base.

11. Static Site Generators


Static Site Renders or Generators is another emerging trend that is posed to go big in 2020. These generators counter balance the effect created by the motion user interface.

Static site renders are best for news portals, university websites, government websites, and similar sites. In such sites, animation doesn’t add any value to the website and only distracts the visitors.

Also, the addition of animation elements could reduce the page load speed, which is not preferable. In such cases, developers can use Hugo, Jekyll, and similar generators to build static websites quickly and easily.

12. Voice Search

15 Top Trending Web Development Techniques to Watch Out In 2020-voice-search

It is projected that nearly 50% of all search queries will be done using voice commands in 2020. The increasing use of voice search means two things for website owners.

One is to optimize the website for voice searches. Second, is to make the website mobile friendly as most voice search happens on portable devices. It is very easy to add voice recognition APIs and widgets to your website.

13. Frameworks

15 Top Trending Web Development Techniques to Watch Out In 2020-frameworks

When we talk about the top trending website development techniques in 2020, we shouldn’t miss out on frameworks. Structure-oriented JavaScript frameworks such as Vue and React are still the top used frameworks.

GatsbyJS is a React-based framework that is used to generate static sites. CSS libraries are still the popular choice for front-end development. Another popular framework that we can expect to see more in 2020 is Bootstrap.

14. Chatbots


Gartner reports that around 85% of online customer conversations will take place without human intervention by 2020. AI-powered chatbots have already started taking over this part of customer relationship management.

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Powered by neural networks and machine learning, chatbots will soon gain human-like conversation techniques. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are already helping businesses engage with customers through verbal communication.

Chatbots not only communicate with customers who have queries but also help generate leads and expand the customer base. This year will see more personalization of chatbot conversations.

15. Adaptability

-15 Top Trending Web Development Techniques to Watch Out In 2020adaptability

A survey by Statista reports that mobile data traffic is growing at a compound rate of 46%. This means that websites should be responsive and adapt to different devices and platforms.

Headless CMS allows developers to build websites and applications using their favorite frameworks and tools and have complete control over the application lifecycle.


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