Web Design and Development Company vs Freelancers

Website design and development is an essential investment for businesses, which is why business owners make sure that they derive the maximum benefits out of their investment for online presence. But, the correlation between investment and quality of service may not be similar. This is why you have to invest money in the right resource for developing your site.

Your business can gain the upper hand when you have an excellent website and online presence. Make sure that you work with the right technical team to build your business platform. However, deciding between the well-organized activities of a web development firm and a freelancer with tremendous flexibility can be difficult.

Web Development Company or Freelancers

We have listed out the differences between the Web Development Company and freelancers to clear all your confusions before taking the right decision.

1. Technical Skills and Experience

If you are hiring a web development company for your project, you will have a vast team of technical experts with top-notch skills at your disposal. You will be able to interact with a tester, a project manager, a developer, a designer and other experts to cater to your diverse needs.

If you are hiring a freelancer, you will have only one person handling all the tasks of your project. So, it means a single person will be doing all the functions such as testing, designing and developing. Will the output be better than a team of specialists? Obviously questionable.

When your project demands some complex and diverse tasks, the web development company with several years of expertise in handling similar projects comes in handy. With the support of numerous resources, they can quickly sort out all the issues that arise during project development.  However, same expertise can never be expected from a freelance web developer.

2. Quality Testing

It is true that it is essential to have a good business website and applications to stay successful in the long run. The online platform that you own must be both attractive and responsive to make your customers stay hooked and explore the products/ service offerings.


Even though both the website development firm and the freelancers will meet the project requirements, the website development firm will have the advantage of QA testers to identify the bugs and remove it whenever needed. So, it is wise to opt for their services instead of a freelancer.

3. Meeting Project Deadlines

The web development company usually considers the deadlines with utmost importance, as it can go a long way in maintaining their reputation among their clients and contacts. So, they ensure that the project gets delivered much earlier than the given deadline.

If a technical expert in their team is sick, he or she will be replaced immediately with another techie to assure continuous backup while working on your project. On the other hand, when you work with a freelancer python your project deadline has to be extended if he or she falls ill, which can affect your business.

4. Effective Communication

When you avail the services of a web development firm, you need not have any worries regarding the progress of your project, as they are equipped with a well-organized team. The web development firm will have a project manager who will lead the technical side and maintain internal communication. It helps them to communicate about work progress, perform corrections if required and monitor the changes.

If you are selecting a freelancer python for your project, you can contact him or her directly. But, if your project is a bit complex then you will be working with several freelancers at the same time and should explain the changes in the concept to each one separately. It can also be a time-consuming process.

5. Advanced Security

When you are developing a digital platform for your business, the first significant point that comes to your mind is security. When you have an online store, you must have a highly secure online platform to gain the trust of your customers.


Web development companies will be able to meet all your security requirements, as they continuously stay updated about the latest vulnerabilities, security threats, and evolving technology.

A freelancer will face difficulties in catering to your high-end security requirements, as he might not have access to advanced security solutions like a web development company. The web companies have the responsibility to take care of the safety of their clients’ businesses and focus on offering superior encrypted security solutions.

6. Customer Support

A web development company will have a well-maintained customer support team that will resolve all the client queries before the launch of the website. When you work with them, they are responsible for taking care of any issues or challenges arising out of the project.

Most of the companies involved in web development also offer services with a warranty to make their clients stay assured that any problem related to the online platform will get easily handled. However, a freelance developer will not be able to offer similar full-scale customer service.

7. Project Costs

Web Development Company can be very expensive to work with when compared to the freelancers, which attracts the business owners towards them. When you wish to develop an online platform that supports several services and has complex requirements, then you must avail the services of the web design company to get better value for your money.

If you are interested in hosting a world-class website to reach out to your international clients, then a web design firm must be your priority, as they are efficient in offering appealing, smooth and swift solutions.


In the end, the answer to the question Web Development Company or freelancer depends mainly on the expectations you wish your website would achieve. You can hire a freelancer if you want a simple site just for presentation along with a quick deadline. If you want a website that will host product/ service to cater the needs of the global audience, then you will need the services of a web development company.

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