Web Scraping tools are put to use extensively when it comes to crawling/scraping data from any complex websites.

These tools can carry over multiple projects at a time with impeccable efficiency and can be automated according to the requirement.

They are indeed an amazing piece of technology. No doubt in that. But, before we dive into the tools you have to know what’s web scraping and why is it crucial in the current business scenario.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping or information scraping is the procedure planned for gathering the required information from the destinations and keeping them in the neighborhood databases or spreadsheets.

Accordingly, considering the significance of the information extraction for all organizations working everywhere throughout the world, real web scraping instruments have seemed to make this procedure helpful, straightforward and clear.

As you are new to the universe of information scraping we have arranged an audit of the best fifteen best web scraping apparatuses. Attempt to consider every one of the advantages and disadvantages of the information extraction instruments and settle on the best administration for your business.

Advantages of Web Scraping

Web Scraping is utilized for research work, deals, promoting, money, web-based business, and so on. Commonly, it is utilized to find out about your rivals.

Check out 15 best scrapping tools below:

1. Octoparse


Octoparse is a top of the line web scraping tools. This powerful free web information extraction programming tool can be utilized for rejecting practically all information types.


  • The Octoparse easy to use point-and-snap interface permits getting all the webpage content substance with downloading and putting away it in the Excel, HTML or CSV designs.
  • More to that, you can keep the information removed in your own database non-coded. The in-manufactured Regex usefulness is doled out for the destinations with a muddled information square structure and XPath arrangement apparatus gives all required web components are found.
  •  At long last, you can quit considering IP-address obstructing, as Octoparse programming possesses amazing IP Proxy Servers ready to keep you unnoticed by even forceful locales.
  • For the client’s benefit, the new Octoparse form has various assignment layouts for scraping information from such huge name locales as Amazon and comparative ones. All that you need is to embed the parameters and hold up until the information being scratched as a matter of course.
  • Octoparse programming gives both free and paid adaptations. The extraordinary thing is a free form offers a boundless number of site pages for scraping. The cost of the paid version of this information scraping device isn’t agonizing for the clients’ wallet.
  •  Information scraping from the PDF records is inaccessible. In spite of Octoparse, information scraping apparatus permits picture Url-address extricating, the immediate picture downloading is unthinkable.

2. Parsehub

web scraping tools


ParseHub is a visual web scraping tool. With this information scraping apparatus, you can without much of a stretch parse validation, dropdowns, schedules, intuitive maps, search, discussions, settled remarks, interminable looking over, Javascript, Ajax, and other web components.


  • Work area Parsehub application can consistently chip away at Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux frameworks, or you can just utilize the in-assembled program web application.
  • ParseHub information scraping instrument gives both free releases and paid variants with committed usefulness. Adaptable and committed web scraping instrument. Contrasted with Octoparse, Parsehub programming is incorporated with increasingly operational frameworks.
  • Constrained free web information extraction programming version. The free form gives five ventures and two hundred site pages for information scratch. The documentation extraction isn’t accessible.
  •  Likewise, as the client experience appears, Parsehub web scraping programming is increasingly helpful for developers with API get to.

3. Mozenda

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Mozenda is a cloud web scraping tool with two applications accessible: Mozenda Web Console and Agent Builder.

  • Mozenda Web Console is a web application for propelling Agents (scraping ventures), inspecting and information requesting with the chance to fare or post scratched information to such distributed storage as Dropbox, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Specialist Builder is the Windows application for making information venture. With Mozenda web scraping apparatus, you will keep shielded from web source downloading an IP address boycott in the event of recognition. Rich Action bar for AJAX and iFrames information scraping is in-assembled.
  • Documentation and picture rejecting usefulness is accessible. The usefulness of this site information extraction programming isn’t rationale driven.

4. Import.io

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Find Out More

Import.io is a web stage permitting tool orchestrating the half-organized data on the website pages into organized information.

  • The information stockpiling and advances are organized as a cloud framework. Along these lines, you simply need to add the internet browser augmentation to make the instrument dynamic.
  • JSON REST-based and spilling API’s gives information are rejected in an ongoing mode. Progressed specialists and easy to understand site scraping instrument.
  • The straightforward interface, clear dashboard, screen catches, and video client guides. Credits for each sub-page and it’s not appropriate for each site.

5. Diffbot

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Diffbot information scraping tool permits scraping huge site page components and creating the information got in an organized configuration.

  • This web scraping apparatus has two APIs: on-requesting and a pursue. With Amazon CloudWatch and Auto Scaling prepared by the configurable prescient rationale, it screens website pages with expanded investigation armada.
  •  Elite regardless of the traffic volume. This paid site scraping instrument has no essential information handling choices that necessities, when such huge slithers, are performed.

6. Scrapinghub

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About the product

Scrapinghub is an online stage with various administrations for parsing the data from the sites.

  • Scrapy Cloud, Portia, Crawler and Splash are the fundamental administrations included. Scrapy Cloud robotizes and pictures of crude web bug working. Portia adds remarks to web content for further scraping and putting away utilizing UI interface.
  • With its rich arrangement of IP-addresses from in excess of fifty nations, Crawler explains the IP boycott issues.
  • Sprinkle is an open-source JavaScript instrument fills in as a scriptable program for better pages clearing.
  • Widespread Internet look stage with web administrations for clients with varying degrees of client experience. The fundamental administrations are not all that simple to utilize (Scrapy Cloud, Portia).

7. OutwitHub

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Product and Pricing

OutwitHub is an information extractor tool that can work in a web program. On the off chance that you wish to utilize it as a development, you need to download it from Firefox additional things store.

  • On the off chance that you need to utilize the free application, you simply need to stick to the heading and run the application.
  • OutwitHub can enable you to expel information from the web with no programming limits utilizing all methods. It’s astounding for social occasion information that probably won’t be open.

8. Apify

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My Apify

A versatile web scraping library for JavaScript/Node.js.

  • Empowers the advancement of information extraction and web mechanization occupations with headless Chrome and Puppeteer.
  • Computerizes any web work process takes into account dealing with the rundowns and lines of URLs to slither and for running the crawlers in parallel at most extreme framework limit.
  •  Capacities locally and in the cloud. Tedious. Clients ought to have certain programming abilities.

9. 80legs

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The 80legs Webcrawler

80legs is a ground-breaking yet adaptable web slithering device that can be designed to your needs.

  • It supports bringing immense measures of information alongside the choice to download the extricated information immediately.
  • The web scrubber professes to creep 600,000+ areas and is utilized by enormous players like MailChimp and PayPal. Its ‘Datafiniti’ gives you a chance to look through the whole information rapidly.
  • 80legs gives elite web creeping that works quickly and gets required information in negligible seconds. It offers a free arrangement for 10K URLs per slither and can be moved up to an introduction plan for $29 every month for 100K URLs per creep.

10. Dexi.io

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Dexi.io is a cloud-based web scraping tool. With its point-and-snap UI, it empowers advancement, facilitating and arranging functionalities.

  • The scratched information is accessible in both JSON and CSV positions. The inbuilt substance snatching usefulness is progressed and incorporates CAPTCHA tackling, intermediary attachment, rounding out structures including dropdowns, regex support, and so forth. Effectively coordinated with outsider administrations. No free form and not all that simple to utilize.

11. Webhose.io


Webhose.io is a web information feed administration tool expected for business people and specialists.

  • The feeds are enhanced to convey the inclusion of a particular substance space. The administration considers performing propelled search on profoundly filed substance and highlights a 30-day free preliminary.
  •  Questions are not the most straightforward to adjust. The estimating plan does not have volume limits.

12. Scrapper

Add to Chrome

Scrapper is a Chrome growth with constrained extraction joins in any case it’s significant for making on the web take a gander at, and sending information by Spreadsheets.

  • This instrument is typical for adolescents just as experts who can without much of stretch duplicate information to the clipboard or store to the spreadsheets.
  • Scrapper is an instrument, which works directly in your program and auto-creates increasingly minute XPaths for depicting URLs to slither.

13. spinn3r


spinn3r engages you to bring whole information from goals, news and electronic life regions and RSS and ATOM channels.

  • spinn3r is passed on with a firehouse API that oversees 95% of the ordering work. It offers a pushed spam security, which discharges spam and unseemly language utilizes, in that capacity improving information flourishing.
  • spinn3r files substance like Google and spares the separated information in JSON records.

14. Content Grabber

Installing Content Grabber – Guide

Content Grabber offers an adaptable answer for web information extraction.

  • It offers two arrangements for example Content Grabber for Enterprises and Managed information administrations.
  • It has answers for business or E-trade, Finance, and Government. Content Grabber will guarantee you about its ease of use, specialized prevalence, unwavering quality, adaptability, consistence, and adaptability.
  • It very well may be incorporated into the work area application utilizing API mix. According to the online audits, it will cost you a one-time measure of $995.

15. MyDataProvider

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MyDataProvider utilizes a blend of exclusive programming instruments to offer various online administrations in web scraping, outsourcing, value checking, and web-based business site the executives.

  • The product can be utilized for the extraction of web information of every single imaginable sort.
  • For web information extraction, MyDataProvider utilizes various methodologies, including content example coordinating, HTTP programming, HTML parsing, Document Object Model (DOM) parsing, and vertical conglomeration.
  • Our group is prepared to tweak any of the online administrations that we offer to splendidly meet your business needs. You don’t need to endeavor any unique endeavors or acquire any uncommon aptitudes. You should pay a sensible cost before you complete every one of the things.


Web Scraping contraptions can be utilized for boundless purposes in different conditions yet we will continue running with some average use cases that are suitable to general clients.

Web scraping contraptions can help keep your side by side on where your affiliation or industry is going in the going with a half year, filling in as a vital resource for quantifiable investigating.

The instruments can be brought at a from various information assessment suppliers and verifiable investigating firms, and merging them into one spot for simple reference and assessment.

 These contraptions can likewise be utilized to separate information, for example, messages and telephone numbers from different goals, making it conceivable to have a synopsis of providers, makers and unmistakable people of interests to your business or affiliation, near to their particular contact addresses.

Utilizing a web scraping device, one can comparatively download answers for separated inspecting or point of confinement by social event information from different objectives.

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