10 Famous Websites That Are Using Python

Python has been extensively used by web development companies for quite some time owing to its simplicity, well-organized nature and flexibility.

Programmers who have come across Python will know that how easy it is to code using this open source language.

However, do you have any idea about how big Python is?

It’s so much stable that lot’s of big-names of various industries have used either Python or its framework in constructing their website that we come across on a daily basis.

1)    Google

We have experienced how Google has changed our everyday life by helping by answering to all our queries Python has been extensively used by Google in the development of their connected apps, integrated features and to support their huge traffic


2)    YouTube

We all know YouTube. All most 90% of the video that we watch on a daily basis are from YouTube, Have you ever had an idea that the world’s best and biggest video sharing and viewing platform is made with Python? The next time you log into YouTube, remember it’s made with Python.

3)    Instagram

Instagram has revolutionized the way people take photographs and you know it. We post photographs of ourselves, our friends, coffee, new outfit, and whatever that we find amusing. Did you know that python is behind the conceptualization of this website?

4)    Quora

Now, isn’t it fun and easy to just post what comes to your mind and you get answers and opinion about it? Quora can be said that the most popular Q and A website. Ask a question and Quora will answer you. There are thousands of experts in the field and individuals to answer your questions. Whenever a question is added, a number of people reply to it and clears your doubt. Quora uses none other than Python.

5)    Pinterest

Pinterest is another platform to post your creative idea. You can find a lot of information in the form of images, posters, info-graphics, etc to be precise; these are the main contents of Pinterest. To manage the content of this volume Pinterest relies on Python.

6)    Disqus

Disqus is a webpage for blogs and websites and has a variety of content in it. It has social media plug-ins and tools that are used to analyze the web. Like the name says it is a forum to discuss your ideas whatever you like to discuss. Obviously, it is made using Python as the framework.

7)    Bitly

If you haven’t used Bitly, it is a tool to shorten URLs so that it is easier for you to shorten, share and track links. You might ask why you want to shorten a link. Well, it helps to post it on social media and share with another person. You don’t want a 10 foot long which is annoying. Majority of the codes used for the development of the website is Python.

8)    Reddit

It is one of the largest open communities on the web. Reddit is the epitome of a different side of the internet that is timely, interactive and personalized. People submit blogs, videos or images, and others vote it up or down. Reddit has something for everyone. Like you guessed, it is made using Python.

9)    Dropbox

Dropbox is used by individuals, communities, organizations, etc. You have shared files in your office or at home by dropping these files in Dropbox. It is an online file sharing platform that is hosted using cloud technology. Dropbox is powered by Python and allows you to share, sync or transfer files using the cloud.


10)    Mozilla Browser

Yes, this highly popular and one of the most powerful browser is made by the open source language, Python. I am sure that a lot of us used Mozilla and its add-ons once in our life. Before Chrome was popular, Mozilla was the most popular browser. Same

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