Want to attract your customers through an efficient online store? If yes, you should consider a reliable and secure ecommerce solution. OsCommerce is certainly one of the most well-known and comprehensive open source ecommerce solutions. It offers a highly flexible platform for online stores and is loaded with a range of exclusive features.

But as a scalable open source e-commerce solution, Magento development has been appreciated by millions of e-store owners across the world. Magento’s in-built features make it a top web development platform among the web developers for different purposes.


So, if you are wondering why you should migrate from Oscommerce to Magento, here are some of the many reasons:

  1. Layered Navigation

– This is a great feature which lets your customers to quickly find a product by using various category filters such as price, size, brand etc. It also helps in speeding up the whole process of product research. For this feature, you do not have to pay extra money.

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  1. Support

It’s a fact that programmers always like to use updated tools, so finding a programmer who is willing to work with outdated tools is difficult. Magento, with over 300 official partners, stays updated regularly. But at the same time, Oscommerce do not possess such a huge number of partners. Oscommerce has only 7 development and hosting companies as official partners.

  1. Multi-store Functionality

– This feature is one of the well-known features of Magento. It allows you to handle multiple stores, websites and store views in one installation. Stores and websites can even share settings, products catalog depending on how you configure your sites.

  1. Great Extensibility

Magento is extensible because of its modular nature and flexible architecture. Many Magento extensions are available which will really help your Magento online store to achieve heights.

Coding in Magento is not like that of Oscommerce where core code, design and logic are mixed. Every update in Oscommerce requires modifying many files and merging with existing code.

  1. Content Management System (CMS) and Admin panel

– Oscommerce has fewer features as compared to Magento which are really helpful. It has advanced CMS with WYSIWYG Editor and user management tool designed to simplify web content creation.

  1. Promotional And Marketing Tools

– Marketing and promotional tools are unlimited such as cross-sells, related products, gift wrapping, multi-tier pricing for different quantities and customer groups, newsletters and many more.

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Magento looks very appealing but migration is risky. This can be reduced with the help of ecommerce Website Development Company which can handle the risks.

When you decide to migrate your Oscommerce to Magento, you must keep in mind that Magento is very resource consuming compared to OsCommerce.

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