YouTube is unarguably the best source of entertainment available these days. People spend hours and hours surfing though funny videos, tutorials for different things, healthy recipes, fitness workout, etc. So we can assume that YouTube is not so useless, because the truth is that a lot of what we know or learn today is through YouTube.

Reasons why YouTube is the ultimate source of content:

  • YouTube is a free platform that allows everybody to watch entertaining and informative video content. It’s for this reason that YouTube continues to be one of the most significant educational opportunities of current times as well.
  • People from various professions find content that relate to their field. The material is not just interactive but also educative and helps you excel your profession or learn the things that you didn’t know earlier.

For web designers and programmers or those who are looking for a career in web designing and programming, it is not hard anymore to figure out where you can educate yourself from. Any courses that you take will cost you some money.  Hence, YouTube is the place for you to save money and yet learn and enhance your skills through the best medium (visual) possible. Some YouTube channels are an excellent source of knowledge. Listed below are some YouTube channels and how they can help you reach great heights in your field.

Best YouTube Channels for Web Designers and Programmers

1. DevTips

The YouTube channel DevTips belongs to Travis Neilson’s and focuses on both web development and design.

  • Who is Travel Neilson?

Travis Neilson crafts digital interfaces at Google. He educates others through his YouTube videos as a hobby and publishes a video every Monday to teach people techniques about web design and development that he has acquired in his career by working under various organizations. Google has been his most significant learning achievement until now, and he feels he has a lot to share that will interest all those who are keen to learn more. He also does live videos with industry experts talking about surviving in the industry, new concepts, and ideas.

  • What’s in it for the designers?

For all the designers that believe that their work limits them to a certain boundary, follow DevTips and grow outside the boundary. This is a great platform to learn from the experiences of those who have already reached great heights in this profession.

2. Derek Banas

Derek Banas is another top-rated YouTube channel that covers programming tutorials, game development, web design, and much more. For programmers, it has AngularJS video tutorials, C# video tutorials, a series on how to program with python, and django web framework tips.

  • Who should subscribe to this channel?

This channel is perfect for coders who are looking to learn new things and add it to their portfolio. It is an all-inclusive program that is based on public requests.


  • What makes Derek Banas different from other channels?

Derek Banasshowcases high-quality educative content on the basis of what his viewers want to see. He gets an approximate of 30 million views on his videos and takes his fan base exceptionally seriously. So if you have something to learn in particular or if coding is your true love too, then subscribe to his channel now.

3. Thenewboston

Thenewboston is one of the oldest and most comprehensive programming channels on YouTube. It has over 4,300 videos on coding, design, game development uploaded in a period of more than nine years. Another added advantage of this channel is that the videos are very systematically organized into different playlists making it easy for you to scroll through topics of your interest. It is one of the most popular web development channels, with nearly one million subscribers.

  • Goal of Thenewboston

The goal of thenewboston YouTube channel is to revolutionize online learning. They continuously discover and add more content every day. So if you are a developer who finds it challenging to access topics of your interest on YouTube, subscribe to thenewboston and find the content you want in an organized and structured manner.

4. LearnCode Academy

LearnCode.Academy is a channel dedicated to web development and has a range of web development tutorials covering languages like HTML, CSS, Node.js, JavaScript, React.js and more. It also touches on responsive design, website layouts, server administration, and deployment strategies.

  • Who runs this channel?

The channel is run by Will Stern and has gained its popularity from the series on web development tools used by pros. So for all those who are interested in learning something new in the field of web development, this is the right place to be!

5. Google Developers

This is another channel that posts extremely educative content on web development. However, the real focus of the YouTube channel Google Developers is on product reviews, recorded talks from experts at Google events, and currently trending industry news. It gives programmers and designers insights, news and tips about web development, and more.

  • Famous shows on Google Developers

This channel has numerous dedicated shows like The Developer Show, Coffee with a Googler, Mobile Ads Garage, and others.

  • What is in it for the users?

The lessons and tutorials on web development topics of this channel are very industry specific and ensure to keep the viewer updated about the current happenings. This channel has one of the highest subscriptions amongst channels that are specific to web development with 991K subscribers.  So if you are keen to watch web development lessons, talks from industry experts and discussions on latest news, then this is the right place for you!


6. TeamTreehouse

The YouTube channel of teamtreehhouse is an excellent source of learning for web developers and programmers.

  • Lessons of Treehouse

Teamtreehouse offers lessons on numerous topics including coding in Python and C#. The videos are delivered in a manner that is easy-to-understand. The videos this channel is styled by a variety of presenters.

7. Kudvenkat

Kudvenkat’s video tutorials ranks amongst people’s main resources of learning Microsoft.NET technologies. This channel belongs to Venkat K and has a subscriber count of over 144,000 with more than 1,000 videos available. The tutorials are detailed and complete.

  • Who isVenkat K?

With over 12 years of experience in Microsoft .NET technologies, Venkat is currently working as a Technical Architect in central London. The reason he started his own YouTube channel is that he loves to share his knowledge and help others. He has created hundreds of training videos at no cost on his channel Kudvenkat.

8. Mike Locke

From software tutorials to career advice; Mike Locke is a channel with tons of content related to Design and UX.

  • Who is Mike Locke?

Mike Locke is a designer with over 17 years of experience. He specializes in front-end development (XHTML and CSS).

  • What does his channel offer?

This YouTube channel offers a range of tutorials on UX design and Adobe Illustrator. It has over 44,000 subscribers and more than 211 uploaded videos.


Learning is an integral part of growing. Every profession gives you the scope to learn more, update yourself, try something new, create a niche, and excel at what you do.  For designers and programmers, the sky is the limit when it comes to learning new things. For a profession as vast as theirs, they have free access to a world of web design and development knowledge that can be explored on YouTube. It is for this reason that YouTube continues to be one of the most significant educational opportunities of the current time. Creating milestones or crossing borders, nothing is unattainable in today’s time with the plenty of content that is already at our footsteps!

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