Web designing is about creating an attractive and functional interface that enhances user’s web experience and also improves a website’s performance on the search engines.

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It is more than creating layouts and integrating images and graphics. Web designing also involves typography, motion graphics, coding, sliders and banners and lots more.

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Web designers use various tools and technologies to design a website. This blog will elaborate on the best web design software that designers can use while building a website.

1. Adobe Photoshop


Developer: Adobe
Initial Release: 1990
Operating System: Mac OS, Windows
Individuals: $ 29.99/mo
Students and teachers: $ 15.99 /mo
Teams: $ 59.99 mo

Adobe Photoshop is a suitable software for graphic designing, web designing, web development and photo editing. Photoshop is one of the best web and graphic design software which is used by most of the web designers.

Photoshop uses unparallel editing features with cutting edge tools transforming ordinary files into professional ones with ease.

2. Adobe Illustrator


Developer: Adobe
Coding Language: C++
Initial Release: 1987
Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 Sierra and later, Windows 10
Single App: $ 20.99/month

One of the best web design software from Adobe, Illustrator is used to create free hand drawings, graphics, typography, logos and other artwork that can be used in the web design.

This software can also be used to redesign or recolor existing graphics. AI is used in creating illustrations for blogs, social media, comics, websites and even print media.

This vector-based design language allows you to easily design and create logos and icons by creating or reusing typographs and vectors.

3. Adobe Dreamweaver


Developer: Adobe (Macromedia until 2005)
Coding Language: C++
Initial Release: 1997
Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 Sierra and above, Windows 10 and above,
Single App: $ 20.99/month
Students and teachers: $ 15.99 /mo
Business: $ 24.99 /mo

Dreamweaver works both as a visual designing interface as well as a code editor built with features such as code syntax checking and code introspection.

This web designing software supports a wide range of web technologies including JavaScript, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and Scriptlet. It lets you build responsive websites by enabling fast and flexible coding.

Plus, it has visual aids that reduce errors. The software application has starter templates, which let you easily add pages, blogs, newsletters, portfolios and lots more.

If you are using Dreamweaver as a part of the Creative Cloud suite, then you also get access to Libraries and Adobe Stock. There are numerous other features in Dreamweaver that make web designing easy and efficient.

You can edit images or content in the Live View and immediately check the changes in the Preview mode before taking it to live. Plus, it offers multi-monitor support.

4. Mobirise


Developer: Mobirise
Initial Release: 2015
Operating System: Android, Windows, Mac OS
Pricing: You can download the software for free, but you may have to pay for the website building kit, themes and extensions

Mobirise is free website design software that allows designers to create web pages without any coding. Its database has more than 2000 website blocks that can be used to design and publish web sites.

Apart from 150+ home page templates and more than 50 premium HTML themes, it also has galleries, sliders, images, videos, timelines, tabs, call to action buttons and numerous other design elements.

Designers just need to drag and drop the elements into the template to design a web page. There is no need for coding. Also, the entire website designed on this platform automatically adapts to mobile systems.

5. Sketch


Developer: Bohemian Coding
Initial Release: 2010
Operating System: Mac OS
Personal license: $99
Volume License: $89
Discounts are offered for renewing license

This proprietary web design software from Bohemian Coding is compatible with Mac Systems. Primarily, it is used for designing the user interface and user experience of mobile apps.

This web design platform has an intuitive interface and a powerful vector editor. Plus, it lets you create and share your designs with your team. Its Lightning Fast Prototyping Option lets you convert static designs to interactive prototypes in just a few minutes.

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It also comes with a wide range of plug-ins to enhance the designing process. Felipe is a plug-in that helps convert wire frames into UI elements. You can use the Anima Toolkit to create timeline animations.

6. Marvel


Developer: Marvel
Initial Release: 2013
Pro for individuals: $12 / month
Teams: $42 / month
Team Plus: $84 / month
Discounted subscriptions are available for schools and non-profit organizations

Marvel is an all-in-one web designing platform that offers a host of design solutions for all kinds of digital media. Designers can create wireframes and interfaces in just minutes using this software application.

It also enables you to create prototypes without any coding. The user testing feature lets you find out how users are reacting to your web design. You can use this feedback to fine tune your web design and make it more attractive and user friendly.

The software has a huge palette of templates and assets that you can use to quickly and efficiently create designs. All the designs are saved in the cloud. So, you can work from anywhere and also share your designs and prototypes with your team mates easily.

7. Bootstrap


Developer: Bootstrap Core Team
Coding Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass and Less
Initial Release: 2011
Pricing: Free

Bootstrap is a free open source framework that will let you design the front-end of responsive and mobile-first websites. This design software is used to create CSS layouts that adjust to different screen sizes of tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

The variables and mixins are built using Sass while the plug-ins, responsive grid systems and prebuilt components are built using jQuery.

You can easily add design components such as badges, alerts, buttons, cards, carousels, dropdowns, forms, navigation bars, bread crumbs, media objects, and lots more using Bootstrap web design software.



Developer: The GIMP Development Team
Coding Language: C
Initial Release: 1996
Pricing: Free

GIMP is a free open-source editor that is used for free-form drawing, imaging editing, image retouching, image editing, and other specialized tasks.

GIMP offers customization options as well as third party plug-ins. This high-quality framework supports numerous programming languages such as Python, Scheme, C, C++, and Perl.

The various features of this software include advanced scripting capabilities, support for a wide range of image formats, tile-based memory management, sub-pixel sampling, as well as a suite of painting tools.

9. Figma


Initial Release: 2016
Starter Pack – Free
Professional Pack- $12 per editor/month
Organizational Pack – $45 per editor/month

Figma is a collaborative design tool that enables the entire team of designers to work on a design together on the online platform. All the designers in the project can work simultaneously, and every change is saved online.

It saves time and effort required to design the website. The other features of this software tool are component libraries, prototyping, code output, vector networks, arc tool and more. Users need not download the tool and can just start working on the platform online.

10. InVision Studio


Free – 1 prototype
Starter – $15 for 3 prototypes
Professional – $25 for unlimited prototypes
Team – $99 for unlimited prototypes (up to 5 members)

This comprehensive software platform is best for designing prototypes without creating codes. This platform also helps design mobile app user interfaces and digital products.

Designers can create vector-based designs using flexible layers and infinite canvas. It features InVision Cloud to store and share the designs as well as a design system manager and library.

Apart from these best web design software programs, there are many other designing applications. A few of them are:

  • Canva
  • Graphic Burger
  • Lightshot
  • Pictaculous
  • Divi
  • Constant Contact Builder
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Fribble
  • What the Font?
  • Textures.com

Web design is the first thing that a visitor will notice when he /she lands on your website. It is therefore very important to have an attractive and interactive layout that will engage the visitors and tempt them to explore your website more.

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Various factors such as brand image, intended audience, website type and more need to be considered while creating a web design, we have a team of experienced web designers to create the best website designs for your business. Get in touch with us to know more.

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