As we all know, Facebook is presently the best social networking website and is a standout among-st the most visited website on the internet.

Individuals invest a ton of time in Facebook posting updates and chatting with friends.’

Maybe you have a hobby or niche and need to unite everyone by creating a social platform on it. But it’s never an easy step to run your personal social networking site like Facebook in a few of minutes.

In this guide, we will analyze the key factors of building a website like Facebook!

Know Your Idea

Prior to starting vigorously, consider what precisely you require social media channel for. What goals do you seek after? Who is your audience? What value will your system convey to the individuals?

To begin with, you need to think of an idea to come up with your further process. Particularly in case you’re resolved to make your site beneficial, you should devise aspects that will separate you from your potential rivals.

Additionally, don’t make it so hard on yourself, concentrate on one specific niche and develop on that. You can begin from here and grow to different themes later when you build up your target users.

Acquire a Web Host

Obtain Web hosting and domain administrations from a reputable service provider. Although free hosting is accessible, the websites may be deficient of a support for file transfers or hosted database so data can be transferred from your desktop to the host’s servers.

Free Web hosting service may not sustain the option of features added by programming languages such as PHP that can give your website extra functionality.

Design Your Social Networking Website

Designing plays a major role. It ought not to be dull or gaudy. It’s best to utilize the latest website design models. It’ll enable you to advance your system very efficiently.

Furthermore, the front-page ought to have a call-to-action option, so you can get more users registered.

What are The Technical Requirements For Social Networking Site?

Developing an online networking site like Facebook requires some funds and technical knowledge which we’ve discussed below.

So, trust just experts for designing your site to develop a platform like Facebook.

Social Media Development Features

At any rate, any social media website must incorporate the given components:

  • Profiles

  • Intelligent content channel, content uploading, news, or messaging

  • Various approaches to connect

  • Search functions

  • And of course, a certain one of a kind features that are fresh and that make your website all the more engaging, this concept is totally on you to devise.

  • Admin panel: you would need analytics and different functions essential for your social media platform, this can be costly.

  • Database encryption (truly expensive as well)

Henceforth, for all these features, the need for UX designs become vital. Your site must be user-friendly and give a charming background.

A proficient development group will remember these features are designed, with the goal that architecture, formats, and general design measures are steady and reasonable.

They are incorporated with the wire framing procedure or potentially into each element.

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Frameworks are utilized to create distinctive web applications. Truth be told, they are all inclusive and designed particularly to advance the property of the code and accelerate the coding procedure.

Projects in view of frameworks have high security, high speed, and versatility.

There are several well-known PHP-based frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, Codeigniter, Symfony and so forth to choose from.

Preview Your Social Networking Website

With your layout picked and personalized, you’re probably edging to publish it and get your site live. But back off there. Knowing how to make a site is a one thing. Publishing your site aimlessly is another.

You must preview modifications to your site before publishing it. Always make sure things are working the manner in which you need them to.

So, be careful. It would be a huge disgrace to develop your own social networking site which you suppose to work like Facebook, just to publish an incomplete site.

A simple-to-use preview pattern saves you a great deal of time as you won’t have to keep saving settings and moving to and fro from editor mode to preview mode.

You can roll out an improvement and after that simply tap preview to view how it would look live.

Maintain a Technical Support

Building a strong social media site is an overwhelming project, particularly for amateurs. The large-scale social media platforms like Facebook have IT divisions devoted to maintaining everything running efficiently. Any IT pro friends who are knowledgeable about Web development are helpful assets for technical challenges in the beginning. But this strategy won’t last forever.

Each component requires front-and back-end coding and genuine professionals. A social media platform will, as a rule, require the following staff:

  • Senior/Middle UI designer

  • Junior UI to give support and reiteration

  • QA’s to guarantee top-level and easy work process

  • Senior/Middle UX engineer

  • Middle/Senior Front-End engineers

  • Middle and Senior Back-end engineers to code all the application

  • DevOps to set up building, testing and releasing condition

  • Project Manager to administer the entire undertaking

You should compare an aggregate project cost rate from an expert and respectable development agency and an average annual compensation of the staffonline sites. This will help to decide whether to hire all of the professionals as in-house or to contract with a site development agency.

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After the launch of your social networking site, it is essential to direct a functioning publicizing campaign. You have to utilize a forceful approach. It is vital to get the visitors that will make content and sense in the life of an online networking channel. There are numerous approaches to advance your online network. Here are some of them –

  • Build an activity feed to let everybody comprehend what you’re doing.

  • Send welcome emails, newsletters, and press releases to active and inactive members both from your system.

  • You can get an audience at a cost of $0.05-0.1 via Facebook advertisements. This is a decent source with a tremendous arrangement of channels for segmentation.

  • Compose fascinating guest posts about the venture. Send them to well-known media platforms and bloggers. You’ll be amazed to know so many individuals will distribute fascinating material for nothing.

  • Also, optimize your posts for search engines, acquire a semantic core and embed important keywords into your posts.


Last but not the least, making revenue is a reason you’ve built a website. Obviously, it isn’t just for the sake of fun. However, as we probably know users are not used to paying, this is the reason we see that most social media platforms, such as Facebook, are totally free.

So, what you could do to keep the audience engaged as well as earn simultaneously?

You can opt to advertise. The audience can have access to each of the features and functions available in the social networking site for free.

Where as you can monetize from advertising area. Hence, the advertisers pay for clicks on his website. This plan of action is what used by Facebook too. Ensure that the promoters you permit on your website are reliable and that the advantages and value they convey to your users are legitimate and trustworthy.

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