Web Apps are the new face of businesses now. However, building a robust web app is not enough.

The idea behind the business ought to be fresh and must be something that is in demand.

Every entrepreneur needs an idea which they can turn it into success. Thus, to give you an illustration we have listed different web app ideas that can work for your start-up business.

Here are 25 web app ideas for start-up businesses:

1. Generating Invoice:

When user purchase item such as phone or laptops, the bill, all the details that are generated at that time is provided to the user in a hard copy. Using an invoice application, the user can simply scan the barcode of the item and generate invoice of that specific item directly to their phone.

For instance – Free invoice generator

2. Online Presentation:

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a person to prepare a presentation for its team. With the help of the Cloud presentation app, the traditional method of creating and preparing presentation will be eliminated. All the team members can collaborate and give their ideas to make presentation online.

For instance – Google slides

3. Food Delivery:

If delivery charges cost’s similar to the cost of your food, it is probably a bad deal. Thus, this app will help consumers to find a suitable and cheap food delivery service which is affordable. The consumer can fill in the required information like location preferences, choice of food and consumer’s detail to get their choice of food delivered to their doorsteps.

For instance – Grubhub: local food delivery

4. Health Care:

Every person needs a doctor for their health checkup. In their busy lives, they often forget to make an appointment with the doctor and miss their regular health checkup. This app will help these people to make appointments for themselves even they are in rush. They can easily fill in details and choose an appointment near their locations.

For instance – Doctor Finder

5. Truck Loader Services:

Sometimes it can become very difficult for a person to look up for affordable pickup or truck loading service. When a person is moving his furniture to a different place, he needs loading service which is suitable and helps that person in moving his furniture. This app will enable the user to search for appropriate service near their location to save their time and money.

For instance –Heavy Truck Loader

6. Restaurant Reservation:

With this web app, any user can easily book a specific table ahead of time. For the sudden plan, this app will be a huge support to the people who want to dine at great restaurants or pubs.

For instance –Open Table

7. Delivering Gifts Without Visiting Gift Shop:

In this busy schedule, sometimes people don’t get enough time to buy a gift for their family or dear ones. This app will feature the idea of picking up a gift or else, flowers from the shop and deliver directly to the address which the user will provide during the delivery portal.

For instance –Flowers cakes online

8. Dating Application:

Dating has become a sign of romantic relationships. In today’s global market, with the use of modern technology, people can easily date through dating app. This app allows the user to find a significant other and the user needs to provide the information about them. It helps the user to find the perfect match of their choice.

For instance –Badoo

9. Traveling and Touring App:

To people, traveling has become a part of their life. But it is not easy to find a suitable visiting place with the suitable This can be the app for people who love to travel.

The app can show different visiting places and calculate budget according to the days and nights which user wants to spend.

For instance –Tripoto Travel App

10. Intelligent Cooking App:

Most of the persons, mainly men do not know how to cook with the right This intelligent cooking app will help these people to cook for themselves even if they don’t know how to. This app will ask for the availability of ingredients and shows an appropriate dish which can be made using only those ingredients.

For instance –Cook’n Recipe App

11. Anti-theft App:

With the help of this app, the user will be able to set an alert which would immediately inform the police about any theft activity around their location. Also, this app can include a database in which users can provide the information about criminal activity in their locations.

For instance –Anti-theft Alarm

12. Interior decorating and Designing App:

Decorating home has become an activity to define a person’s living standard with visualization, pictures, and With this app, the user will be able to take pictures of his room and enable them to visualize it with different designs and patterns. This app will ease the process for the people to decorate their home with precision.

For instance –Design Home

13. Security Control via Wi-Fi:

This app will give the user access to monitor over their security systems via Wi-Fi. This will also allow them to answer the people at the door, monitor camera footage, or any other activity to keep them and their house safe. This can all be accessible through their smartphones.

For instance –Wi-Fi Control Alarm

14. Keep a Note to Yourself:

When people need to write some crucial information whether it is an address or any ID details. They can always look up to their phone and save up their time and energy to write that information into the note This app can also provide a reminder to any of the user’s note such as appointment or meeting time.

For instance –Google Keep

15. Car Parking Spots:

Increase in the vehicle use has also increased the traffic in the parking During rush hours the user can easily access parking spots which are near to them. This parking app will enable users to find a parking spot according to GPS which is not taken by any other driver.

For instance –ParkMan- The Parking App

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16. Finding a suitable musician for a band:

There are lots of musicians available worldwide. But, there is limited access to these people to contact and invite them to become a member of a band. This app will help musicians who are just getting in this field to find their place in bands. It can also show the gig where bands can perform.

For instance –Fleeber

17. All social media sites in one application:

Today, social media has become a huge platform and most of the people love spending their time on social networking sites. But, there are various platforms which people use more often.

It becomes difficult for the people to switch between their social applications. Thus, this app will enable all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter in one.

For instance –Social Network All In One App

18. Listening To Music in Online Sharing Music App:

This can be a good idea for people who are fond of listening to music and wants to share their music with different people in their contact list. This app will enable a user to listen to music and also it will let other people in the contact list know what the person is listening to and ask to share it with them.

For instance –Soundcloud

19. Call for Help from Their Home:

Every person needs helps from the electrician, plumber, mechanic etc. Thus, this app will enable the user to seek and call them for help. This app will also let the user find them according to their locations, so that help can always come in time when needed.

For instance –Cheep-24×7 local Home Services

20. Disaster Alert:

This application idea is to alert the people about any storm or disaster to avoid calamities. This app can work on GPS and inform the user about the affected area of any storm or any other activity.

For instance –Disaster Alert

21. Rating of Movies and TV Shows:

People often watch movies and TV shows in their free time. Sometimes, people need a suggestion for the movies to watch in their leisure. This app facilitates users with the details of the movie and arranges them in a specific order with a high People can also review and rate the movie and TV shows.

For instance –IMDB Movies & TV

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22. Local Transportation:

People who are new to the city don’t know much about local transportations and their route, this app will help them to reach their destination. This app will show the details of the city that user have selected and show the actual route and fair of the transport to save their time.

For instance –Public Transport App

23. Education suggestions:

Students often find it difficult to select the best colleges for them as there are numerous universities. This app will help students to know about all the details of colleges according to the locations and preferences.

Moreover, it will also let them know about the ethics, fees, facilities etc. this will help them to choose the best college according to their requirements.

For instance –University Finder

24. Tutor for Students:

This idea will help the students to find the right tutor for their subjects. This app will let students connect with the tutor and allow them to choose if they seem right to them. It can also project tutor’s location near them.

For instance –Tutor Finder

25. Gaming application:

The gaming idea never fails, the last option for the people to start their business is to develop and think of a modern world game app. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Asphalt etc have taken over the mobile gaming. Hence, it can also be a good idea to start-up your business.

For instance –PUBG Mobile

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