Magento 2 is a brand new version of the popular e-commerce platform. This next generation platform offers unmatched flexibility and opportunities for innovation to ecommerce websites. A competent Magento Development Company would be able to make the best out of this software’s features. It has so many provisions to customize your ecommerce website.

Multi shopping and more

Within a single transaction, one can experience multi shopping with Magento e-commerce platform. It is the leading provider of open omnichannel innovation. In 2015, Magento was named top ecommerce platform with 41 merchants confirming Magento as their e-commerce platform on the inaugural Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce 300 guide. Magento services provide the customer an opportunity to compare and review products.

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Magento 2 introduces testing as a part of development.  It has new technologies, better rapport with the community, new resources for documentation, improved scalability and performance, reduced upgrade costs and efforts.


 There are two major changes in the structure of magento. Firstly, it is placed under the app structure. Secondly, it has a view directory to access template, layout, js and css files.

Magento 2.0 Key Features

Some of the key features of Magento 2.0 are:

  • More compatible and popular platforms
  • Migration from prototype to jQuery
  • Improved speed. It is 20% faster than the older version.
  • It has component oriented architecture
  • Introduction of new directory called ‘pub’ which provides better and clearer view structure for the developer
  • Helps the developer to make automated testing easily
  • Provides better security
  • Supports only one Javascript framework.

The new included technologies in Magento 2.0 includes HTML5, CSS3, RequireJS, Apache 2.2, full page caching, magento performance toolkit, CSS Pre-processor, MySQL5.6, PSR Compliance, Magento UI Library, and PHP 5.5x.

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Easier Editing

With the help of Visual Design Editor, one can modify containers and blocks without much technical knowledge. One can easily make changes in admin panel. Hence there is an improved customization all in all. There is easier development in frontend. This means one can find it easier to look and feel the site with least use of CSS pre-processor and HTML5 themes. There is reduced upgrade cost and efforts. Magento includes information about the policies of versioning. Installing magento 2.0 is much faster with the help of new standalone installer. It also checks for any prerequisites before the installation.

Improved Scalability and Performance

New indexers, new Magento performance toolkit and Varnish Cache are some of the examples of improved scalability. Improved indexers introduce more efficient updates to increase performance. Magento performance toolkit is used to verify and optimize the performance of the system.  In order to reduce server load and increase the speed of page loading, one can seek the aid of Varnish Cache. Magento 2.0 includes necessary documentation and enables faster development and also supports continuous integration and testing practices.

With the introduction of Magento 2.0, there is better interaction with the community. Platform, special events and seminars through internet can be possible with the Magento 2.0. Magento 2.0 is a clean upgrade and there will be more responses than the older versions.

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